Live Action Unveiled: CVW Thunder PRO-Duo Redefining Sports Broadcasting

Live Action Unveiled: CVW Thunder PRO-Duo Redefining Sports Broadcasting

On April 14th, in the 6th round of the 2024 Chinese Football Association Super League held in Tianjin, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers played a goalless draw against the Meizhou Hakka team at their home stadium.


For such a big sporting event, live streaming online to public is essential. A football match encompasses elements of confrontation, defense, and offense. Unlike other sporting venues, football fields are considerably larger that can accommodate more players. As the 'eyes' of the fans, the camera capturing the on-field action is of paramount importance for the quality of the live broadcast. Therefore, multiple camera positions and angles are often necessary for real-time coverage of the match. The traditional wired solution proved inadequate for broadcasting this event, posing a significant challenge for the broadcasting team.


To meet the live streaming requirements for this event, the organizers, after assessing the complex onsite environment, have decided to employ the Thunder PRO-Duo wireless video transmission system by CVW. This system boasts great through wall performance, excellent anti-interference capabilities, and features long-distance transmission range even in complex non-line-of-sight scenarios.


The CVW Thunder PRO-Duo wireless system supports 2-camera video transmission by using one wireless channel. In the deployment plan, one Thunder PRO-Duo transmitter will be dedicated to tracking and interviewing the players, capturing the exciting moments on the field, while the other Thunder PRO-Duo transmitter will focus on interviewing the officials and leaders. This setup aims to present a spectacular sports event to the vast audience watching in front of their television screens.



The Thunder PRO-Duo receiver is connected to the console switcher at the broadcast control place via SDI cables. Backstage staff members at the console switcher edit the received video clips and stream them over the internet in real-time, enabling live streaming online. Throughout the entire event, the video signal remains clear, stable, and smooth, ensuring the smooth progress of the live broadcast. The broadcasting team highly commended the performance of the CVW Thunder PRO-Duo wireless video transmission system after the event.


A sporting event is indeed a feast for the public, a visual delight. However, for athletes, it's a test of strength and intelligence, a competition where winners emerge and losers learn. For photographers capturing sports events, it's also a competition among peers and a challenge to oneself. Exceptional photography skills, extensive shooting experience, deep understanding of the event, and a genuine passion for sports photography are all qualities that professional sports photographers must possess. These attributes enable them to capture the essence of the event and convey its excitement and intensity through their lenses.