CVW Thunder PRO-Duo Helps Livestreaming Earthquake Rescue Drill

CVW's Thunder PRO-Duo Helps Livestreaming Earthquake Rescue Drill

On May 12, National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day, a gripping and awe-inspiring earthquake rescue operation took center stage. In line with President Xi Jinping's directives on disaster prevention, mitigation, safety production, and emergency rescue, the Shuozhou Fire and Rescue Brigade, in collaboration with CCTV News, conducted its first live-streamed earthquake rescue drill. This exercise aimed to test the comprehensive real-world rescue capabilities of the city's fire rescue team, while also educating the public on earthquake safety, emergency response, and self-rescue techniques.


This drill was a comprehensive real-world exercise. The epicenter was set in an abandoned factory area, characterized by dilapidated buildings and warehouses, with residential and production areas closely intertwined. Scenarios included building collapses, people trapped, fires, and signal interruptions, effectively recreating the conditions of an actual earthquake. These conditions necessitated high requirements for signal penetration and transmission distance.

To meet the demands of the broadcast, the organizers, after Thunderough testing, chose CVW's Thunder PRO-Duo for its exceptional signal penetration capabilities.


For the deployment, one camera was positioned at the opening ceremony, while another, equipped with the Thunder PRO-Duo transmitter, served as a mobile unit to capture close-up shots of firefighters' rescue activities during the earthquake.

CVW's Thunder PRO-Duo rose to the challenge, excelling in high-interference and complex terrain with its long-distance transmission, strong anti-interference, and superior penetration capabilities, ensuring the success of this national-level live drill.


This drill comprehensively tested and honed the team's rapid response and integrated rescue capabilities, significantly enhancing public fire safety awareness and knowledge. It also laid a solid foundation for emergency preparedness in the event of major earthquakes and disasters.


Looking ahead, CVW remains committed to its mission, continuously innovating to provide clients with advanced and reliable emergency communication solutions, thereby enhancing the efficiency of rescue operations and safeguarding lives and property.