CVW Thunder-Duo Plus Supports The Chinese Football Game Do Livestream

CVW Thunder-Duo Plus Supports The Chinese Football Game Do Livestream


On March 26, 2024 (Tuesday), an electrifying football spectacle unfolded at the Tianjin Olympic Sports Center Stadium in China during an international A-level match. With Wu Lei scoring twice and Fernando and Wei Shihao also finding the net, China triumphed 4-1 over Singapore. This marked China's first home game of 2024 and Tianjin's return to hosting World Cup qualifiers after 16 years. With the cheers of 42,977 fans, Chinese football ignited a red storm on the pitch.


The essence of broadcasting such thrilling football matches lies in presenting multiple camera angles in real-time, ensuring viewers don't miss any intense moments. With shots of anticipated goals and player interactions, it's a race against time for the broadcasting team, presenting a considerable challenge.

Compared to other sports venues, football pitches are significantly larger, demanding multiple camera angles for a complete and exciting viewing experience. To meet these demands, the organizers opted for the versatile and Thunder PRO-Duo by CVW for live streaming.


The deployment plan involved one Thunder PRO-Duo’s transmitter following players for dynamic interviews, capturing their exciting on-field moments. Another Thunder PRO-Duo’s transmitter focused on capturing the audience's experience, aiding real-time monitoring of the game's progress and assisting referees in resolving contentious issues.


Throughout the entire broadcast, both streams from the Thunder PRO-Duo’s transmitters maintained clear, stable, and fluid video signals. The Thunder PRO-Duo wireless video transmission system, a formidable tool for penetrating obstacles, provided football fans with an unprecedented viewing experience. With wireless transmission capabilities, future football broadcasts promise to be even more thrilling and captivating.


This match showcased Tianjin's fervent passion for sports, making fans from different regions feel the city's inclusive spirit. Simultaneously, Tianjin continues its relentless efforts to bolster China's sports development.


Let's cheer for the future of Chinese football!