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Intelligent wireless video transmission to provide more experiences more ways of working, and more outcomes.
Features & Benefits
Dedicated to versatility

With the broadest range of use cases, Film & Broadcast Solutions offer the flexibility and versatility suited for film and broadcast industry’s fast-moving transformation.

Dedicated to dependability

The film & broadcast solutions excel at providing robust connection, multi-channel and point-to-point transmission with ultra-low latency. Especially in live streaming events or film with video transmission requirements, only wireless video transmission can make sure the personnel security and high-performance demands of modern filming.

Dedicated to simplicity

The film & broadcast solutions are designed flexibly to support the needs and requirements of multiple deployments. Easy to install and ready to deliver value straight out of the box in a scalable and future-proofed manner.

Dedicated to innovation

The film & broadcast solutions are unlocking more use cases and applications. From previous 1080P to 4K, a 16K solution has been mentioned more and more at present - we are limited only by our own imaginations. The solutions will be ready to use into more new use cases in the future. And APP livestreaming and monitoring systems have so far made it possible to implement live streaming and monitoring in one APP at the same time, which was not possible before.

Broadcast Level Solution

The entire broadcasting industry are going through change driven by digitalization. One that will require an iterative upgrade of the crew's filming equipment to support the adoption, use and scaling of new and emerging, data-driven technologies.

The broadcast level solution could help those professional teams who run a broadcasting business well and reduce the cost. It combines with 4x4 MIMO and Beamforming technologies to support the whole industrial adaptability of change driven by digitalization. The entire business logic is that the director could get the live scenes from multiple cameras by using one monitor and can give your immediate support to those cameramen.

4x4 MIMO boots up data throughput. And BeamForming Wi-Fi technology significantly improve cove range and immunity to interference in noisy environment and at the same time the transmission RF power is still under the limitation of FCC and CE regulations. Standard IP based system, good compatibility and connectivity to other systems. These technologies aim to promote the intelligentization and digitalization of the entire broadcasting industry's shooting process operation, so as to provide the team with strong and steady wireless network connection and save time and cost. And multi-channel transmission allows the team members to provide the guidance by viewing, collecting, and analyzing multiple screens, and supports a wide range of deployment scenarios for fast time-to-market for new filming projects as well as reduced cost.

As a result, professional teams can improve video productivity and create more value for your broadcast business by using this solution.

Zero Latency Filming Solution

Zero Latency Filming Solution has always been ideal for the film industry. The feature of uncompressed with zero latency is not only helpful to the director, but also friendly to the focus pullers.

With the development of the film industry, comparing the traditional wiring way, today’s wireless video transmission system are more pervasive and covering more, almost 95% coverage. In addition to the transmission delay, the transmission distance is also required. The CVW zero latency filming solutions have different distance solution for you choosing. The longest transmission distance is up to 800 meters.

This can be well adapted to different filming scenes. The future trend of video production is that wireless video transmission needs to be very simple, agile and secure.

Prosumer Level Solution

More than 85% of all internet users in 2022 are consuming video content. This situation leads so many video makers joining in video field to make more creative videos.

The prosumer level solution is well suited to help video production teams with instant-on response, limited budgets and compact businesses, such as commercials, music videos, wedding productions, and more. The whole business logic is that one cameraman can correspond to multiple directors, so that everyone can provide multiple perspectives to work together to complete the project better.

As the development of apps has brought new use cases, prosumer level solution has so far made it possible to implement live streaming and monitoring in one APP at the same time, which was not possible before. At present, only CVW APP in the market can stream on Facebook and YouTube without third-party software. Of course, it is also possible to fill in the streaming address to do the live stream. We develop these types of services simply to continuously provide a better experience for the end user and to produce more revenue.