Immersive 360-Degree Panoramic Crane Tower Remote Control

Immersive 360-Degree Panoramic Crane Tower Remote Control

The remote control of the crane tower greatly improves the safety and convenience of the operation. Operators can work in a safe environment far away from the construction site, avoiding all kinds of safety hazards that may occur on site, such as bad weather, noise, dust, etc., and also solving the problem of eating, drinking, and sleeping for the operators. Remote cockpit control can expand the operator's field of vision and operating range, enabling the operator to control the crane tower more accurately and improve work efficiency. It can also realize multi-person cooperative operation to further improve work efficiency.


1. Image stitching from multiple cameras - 360d video display for driving, panoramic image for factory.

2. Use of additional cameras to obtain information and simpler operation of the vehicle / machine.

3. The user view can be adjusted according to the manufacturer / customer / operator.

4. AR based operation assistance. Displaying 3D auxiliary markings to the operator on the screen - landing point, depth, direction of travel of the vehicle / machine.

5. 2D dashboard view with the vehicle / machine data..

6. Presentation of a three-dimensional model of the vessel from a bird's eye view.

7. Operate several vehicles/machines from one unit (one at a time).

8. System recording.

9. Dashboard system for the management level