Remote Control of Mine Equipment Vehicles --Operating Several Vehicles from One Unit (One at A Time)

Remote Control of Mine Equipment Vehicles --Operating Several Vehicles from One Unit (One at A Time)

Based on national energy security, social value, business operations and other considerations, the state and local governments as well as mining companies and other subjects are actively promoting remote control in mining operations. Through remote control, operators can work in a safe environment far away from the mine site, thus greatly reducing the risk of injury caused by the harsh environment or dangerous situations. Remote control technology can realize real-time monitoring and precise control of mining equipment, improving the operational efficiency of equipment and productivity of mining operations. Remote control also helps to realize intelligent and automated management of mines, where one operator cabin operates multiple pieces of equipment, reducing labor costs and improving the overall efficiency of mine operations.

CVW has developed a remote control solution for the above situation. The following is the remote control solution provided by CVW for an unmanned trunk project in a mining area:

Video Capture: 7 cameras are installed on each mine car, and the cameras capture videos from different angles in real time.


Video Transmission: Transmits multi-channel video, and also transmits various sensor data and control commands.


Video Receiving: The receiver receives HD video signals captured by multiple cameras and transmits the video signals to the cockpit.


Cockpit: the cockpit carries out intelligent splicing processing for multi-channel video, and the staff controls the excavator, loader and transporter according to the order of operation, and the switching between different vehicles is completed by one key.


Operating multiple devices from one unity

CVW wireless remote control solution reduces labor and the use of the entire vehicle costs, improve mine safety and production efficiency. So what are the features of the program? Let's find out:


1. High image quality & low latency: the program has low spectrum occupancy, clear picture quality and ultra-low latency, making the control closer to reality.


2. Guarantee security with AES128 encryption: support AES128 bit encryption function, to ensure the security of the transmission data.


3. Excellent wireless transmission capability: Using TDD network for wireless transmission, which has good penetration performance and anti-multipath transmission technology, greatly improving the channel capacity. At the same time, the device adopts high gain antenna, which can still transmit effectively in complex non-line-of-sight scenarios.


4. High protection level: The protection level of the equipment is up to IP67, which can adapt to the extreme environments such as humidity, high and low temperatures in the mining area.


5. IP-based design: The equipment is based on IP-based design, with strong compatibility and expandability of IP interfaces, supporting IP-based transmission of video and data.