Remote Control of Tunnel Construction

Remote Control of Tunnel Construction

Tunnel excavation is sometimes required during the construction of highways or subway lines. How to improve the quality of tunnel excavation and the speed of construction under the premise of ensuring safety is a common concern of construction builders.


The construction of mountain tunnels faces multiple difficulties, such as complex environment, difficult wiring, and dangerous blasting. At the same time, the traditional wireless network in the tunnel is also prone to signal disconnection.

A new intelligent remote construction solution is proposed - wireless video transmission + remote control program, i.e., deploying cameras on the unmanned excavator to collect on-site construction information, and transmitting the video to the remote control room by wireless transmission through wireless transmitter, and the staff in the remote control room will carry out real-time remote control of the excavator according to the on-site video information they see. The staff in the remote control room can control the excavator remotely in real time according to the video information.


The specific deployment program is described below:

Specific deployment plans are as follows:


The unmanned remote control working mode is adopted in the reforming of the remote control system of this mountain tunnel case, fully practicing the advanced technology concept of scientific and technological innovation and service to people.

Remote control - staff sits in the remote cockpit to control the excavator construction hundreds of meters away, realizing remote control of the excavator on site.

Safe maneuvering - The construction site environment is monitored in real time by cameras on the unmanned excavator, and vibrations and noise are transmitted to the remote control room during operation. As a result, the excavator can be operated safely and worry-free from the remote cockpit in an environment that is almost identical to that of the actual operation.