CVW Mobile Court Solutions-Judging At Any Places You Need

CVW Mobile Court Solutions-Judging At Any Places You Need

As the demand for legal services continues to grow, traditional judicial systems face numerous challenges. The concept of mobile courts introduces the judicial system to villages, establishing courts in different locations based on community needs. This is particularly beneficial in remote areas with limited judicial resources, providing equal judicial protection to local residents, reducing regional judicial disparities, and ensuring fair and equal legal application. The aim is to offer legal knowledge and services to residents, enhance community legal awareness, and bring judicial services closer to people's lives.


However, implementing mobile court initiatives comes with challenges such as equipment, manpower costs, real-time on-site broadcasting, audio-video backup, etc. To address these issues, strong technological support is essential. CVW pushes out the Mobile Court Solution, providing robust support for the infrastructure of mobile courts.




- Utilizes a fully wireless approach for audio and video capture, transmission, adjustment, mixing, recording and playback, synthesis, and monitor. Additionally, it enables live streaming of on-site audio-video to broadcasting platforms in real-time.

- Portable and easy to set up, requiring no specialized team for operation.

- The wireless video transmission system features MIMO and Beamforming technology, ensuring stable transmission with strong anti-interference capabilities up to 800 meters. It uses H.265 encoding/decoding for high-quality, low-latency with a delay of 70ms. The system has many useful ports, including SDI, HDMI, LAN, RS232/422, OLED display, AES128 encryption, automatic/manual channel scanning, automatic channel switching, and on-site interference analysis.

- The wireless microphone system utilizes second-frequency conversion reception, D-PLL RF frequency locking technology, UHF frequency, up to 800 selectable channels, strong anti-interference capabilities, and durable construction with selected copper and zinc alloy. It includes an LCD display.

- The integrated director machine boasts high quality, stability, ease of use, versatility, and an open architecture. It supports diverse collection inputs, integrates with cloud broadcasting, and follows broadcast-level production standards. It integrates the overall system for collection, editing, packaging, broadcasting, and publishing.




1. Wireless microphones for on-site voice capture, including wireless microphone, mainframe, mixer, director table, and sound system (audio capture, transmission, adjustment, mixing, playback).

2. Cameras with four wireless video transmitters for on-site video capture, including wireless video transmitters, receivers, director table (video capture, transmission, monitor, recording).

3. Four-channel wireless video receiver, HDMI splitter, single-channel wireless video transmitter, single-channel wireless video receiver, and a large screen (video synthesis of four screens, transmission, monitor).


Mobile courts change the location of court hearings, but the commitment to serving the people remains unchanged. CVW Mobile Court Solution efficiently provides judicial services, showcasing a humane approach to justice. By addressing conflicts and disputes at the grassroots level, it ensures that people feel the presence of fairness and justice in their midst.