The Remote Control Application Of CVW Wireless Video Transmission System In Mining Area

The Remote Control Application Of CVW Wireless Video Transmission System In Mining Area

How to avoid safety accidents has always been a key concern for production enterprises. There are many factors will lead to a bad result, such as the large size of transport vehicles, many driving blind spots or the drivers need to operate at night, etc. Based on various considerations such as national energy safety, social value and business operation, many subjects such as the state, local government and mining companies are actively promoting the landing of unmanned technology in mining operations.

CVW has developed a wireless video transmission solution what can be applied for the unmanned mining car. The following is the solution provided by CVW for an unmanned mining car project in a mining area, the solution composition is as follows.

Video Capture: 7 cameras are installed on each mining car (14 cameras in total for 2 mine cars), and the cameras transmit video from different positions in real time.

Video Transmission: Multiple channels video transmission, including various sensor data.

Video Reception: The receiver receives the HD video signals captured by the multiple cameras and transmits them to the command workstation.

Command Workstation: the command workstation will intelligently process these videos, so that the staffs can monitor the mining car and its surrounding environment to control the vehicle driving or stopping.

CVW wireless video transmission solution for unmanned driving makes the unmanned really can be used in the mining area. It reduces the cost of labor and improves mine safety and production efficiency. So what are the features of the solution?

High Image Quality, Low Latency: The solution has low spectrum occupancy, clear image quality and ultra-low latency.

AES128 Encryption, Worry-Free Security: It supports AES128-bit encryption function to ensure the security of data transmission.

Excellent Wireless Transmission Capability: Using TDD network for wireless transmission, it has good non-line-of-sight performance, anti-multipath transmission technology, which greatly improves the channel capacity. Meanwhile, the device adopts high-gain antennas, which can still transmit video effectively in complex non-line-of-sight scenarios.

Multi-Channel Video Transmission: The video transmission system can be built flexibly in networking, supporting point-to-point or broadcast mode. The system adopts high bandwidth to transmit video signals, while the bandwidth can be adjusted in a way to ensure the use of multiple sets of systems at the same site. In a complex scenario, there are multiple sets of systems are used simultaneously, the video transmission still remains stable.

High Protection Level: The protection level is up to IP67, which can adapt to the hard environment such as humidity, high and low temperature in the mining area.

IP-Based Design: The system is designed based on IP. The IP port has strong compatibility and scalability, supporting IP-based transmission of video and data.


Compared with urban roads, the mining environment is enclosed, the road and the rules of passage are self-contained, the vehicle route is relatively fixed, and the speed is mostly below 40km/h. In addition, the unmanned mining car has a series of specific and clear operation protocol guidelines. All these make mining areas a good scenario for the commercialization of unmanned driving. In the future, CVW will adhere to innovation and research and development of wireless video transmission technology to assist mine operations to achieve unmanned driving.