CVW Shines Bright at IBC 2023: Innovation and Collaboration Take Center Stage

CVW Shines Bright at IBC 2023: Innovation and Collaboration Take Center Stage


In 2023, the IBC exhibition floor was ablaze with enthusiasm, and CVW made an electrifying presence. Our booth, located at 12.A21a, became the focal point for a throng of industry professionals.

Right from the first day of the exhibition, our booth was bustling with eager visitors. People flocked to experience our latest technology and products. In that moment, we felt the industry's vibrancy and spirit of innovation come alive.

We showcased two eye-catching new products, showcasing CVW's longstanding leadership in high-tech. Customers and peers paused to watch our tech demos, pose questions, and engage in deep conversations with our expert team.

1. Support record and playback
2. HDMI input and loop-out, UVC output
3. Up to 250m/800ft transmission range
4. 3 types of power supplies: DC/TYPE-C/NPF battery

5. Auto or manual channel scan function

1. Support full-duplex voice intercom
2. Up to 350 meters transmission range with a battery endurance of 10 hours
3. Group intercom, seamless switching
4. Compatible with Bluetooth 5.1 protocol, NFC pairing for simplified connections
5. Support PD or Type-C power supply

Throughout the exhibition, we witnessed the birth of numerous collaboration opportunities. Encounters with industry leaders and emerging companies paved the way for future partnerships. We welcomed many new allies that will expand the application of our technology into different fields.

Simultaneously, our team exuded vitality on the exhibition floor. They enthusiastically answered customer inquiries, provided technical support, and shared their expertise. This exhibition wasn't just about showcasing our products; it was a platform for building connections and broadening horizons.

IBC show.jpg

Onsite at the IBC exhibition, CVW exuded a powerful energy, showcasing our technology and innovation in unprecedented ways. We look forward to taking this energy back to the company, continuing to provide exceptional solutions to our customers, and advancing in the tech world.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, making the IBC exhibition an incredible experience. We look forward to future collaborations and exchanges with all of you!