CVW Shows Hot in 2023 BIRTV Expo

CVW Shows Hot in 2023 BIRTV Expo

On August 23rd, the 30th Beijing International Radio, Film, and Television Exhibition (BIRTV) kicked off at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. The theme for this year is "Innovation and Integration for the Future," and of course, CVW couldn't afford to miss it. We've been on the innovation path, and this year at BIRTV, we brought along our cutting-edge "Broadcast-Grade 4K Wireless Video Transmitter, capable of penetrating seven walls." So, what was the scene like at the exhibition? How did our product line fare? Without further ado, let's take a look!

— Exhibition Overview —




Even after three years of the pandemic, it's heartwarming to see that our collaboration with our distributors remain as popular as ever. The consistent stream of orders is not just a testament to our product quality but also a sign of your trust and recognition of our brand. As soon as the news of BIRTV came out, we started inviting everyone, both domestic and international, to visit our booth at CVW. On the first day, clients from around the world flocked to our booth to experience our new products and engage in discussions for potential collaborations. We sincerely appreciate your trust and support.

— Thunder 4K —

雷电4K 合集.jpg

A Broadcast-Grade 4K Wireless Video Transmitter Capable of Penetrating Seven Walls

  • Utilizes the latest H.265/HEVC video encoding standard.

  • Exceptional penetration capability with a transmission range of up to 1000 meters (40Mbps).

  • Broadcast-grade 4K HDR, supporting 4:2:2 10-bit sampling, with a maximum resolution of 4096x2160/60Hz.

  • Supports HDMI and 12G-SDI signal input/output, with 12G-SDI loop-through.

  • Ultra-low latency of 70ms.

  • Supports SDI timecode transmission.

  • Facilitates Tally signal transmission and full-duplex voice intercom.

  • Supports data pass-through using RS232/422 standard protocols.

This new product garnered a significant fan following at the exhibition, and we hope that every one who tries it will be pleased. Our goal is to make the filming process a breeze for you!

— Other Showcase Items —


Our flagship video transmission product, the BeamLink Series, also gained significant attention at the exhibition. It is the industry's first multi-camera, long-distance wireless HD video transmission system and has already been adopted by numerous broadcasting stations and major live streaming companies.


In addition to this, the Wall Penetrator Thunder X2 also piqued the interest of industry professionals at this event. In challenging scenarios like large-scale events with severe signal interference, complex indoor environments with multiple floors and walls, outdoor video shoots spanning from indoors to outdoors, or long-distance city sky-high live broadcasts with signal dead zones, these situations may pose challenges for live streaming teams. However, for Thunder, it's a walk in the park.

Currently, the Thunder Through Wall product line includes options for 1 camera, 2 cameras, and 4 cameras to meet various shooting requirements.

This summer's popular Village Football competition provided real-world proof of Thunder's capabilities, solidifying its reputation. It also reaffirmed that CVW is committed to research and development, continually tackling the challenges of wireless video transmission. We've been here all along.