To Experience The Charm of The Nadam Congress with BeamLink-QuadGames

To Experience The Charm of The Nadam Congress with BeamLink-QuadGames

August 25, the third traditional ethnic Nadam Congress was opened in Chifeng city. Herdsmen from all over the country gather on the grassland to offer sacrifices to Aobao, make milk curd, wrestle, racehorses and shoot arrows, and celebrate the festival.

The event was live-streamed online and offline simultaneously, aiming to build a platform for the dairy industry’s development and enhance the external popularity and reputation of Chifeng by carrying forward the traditional national culture.

This event will be held on the Saikhantarasumu steppe of Arukorqin Banner, with an open field as far as the eye can see and almost no shade. It’s an excellent live environment for the staff of the live streaming team.

Considering the large size, long-distance, number of participants, and other event site factors, the live-streaming team needs to set up multiple cameras to capture different videos. The traditional wired live stream can not meet the demand.

The event organizer chose the CVW BeamLink-Quad solution through multiple considerations, which can achieve four-channel video transmission and only occupy one channel. It’s up to 500 meters long-distance wireless transmission.

Through the survey of the event site, the staff deployed the camera locations. Each camera connects one transmitter to transmit the video signals. The receiver receives the four-channel video signals transmitted from the transmitter, connects with the switch console with SDI\HDMI cable, and finally pushes the video to the live streaming platform through the switch console to achieve real-time live streaming.

Throughout the live streaming process, the BeamLink-Quad plays outstanding. The entire video transmission maintains stability and smoothness, and the image also keeps very clear.

During the event, a symposium on the sacrificial culture of Habutu Hassar Ovoo, a commendation meeting for model herdsmen, a forum on milk food culture and industry, the inauguration of the famous Hulch Balajinima Memorial Hall and an academic symposium, and the release ceremony of the famous Mongolian painter Namuslai’s posthumous works. It is displaying fine products, inheriting culture, exchange, and mutual appreciation.