To Tibet for The Horse Race with BeamLink-Ultimate

To Tibet for The Horse Race with BeamLink-Ultimate

The second edition of Tibet Nerong County Pangyang Impression Horse Racing Cultural Tourism and Arts Festival was officially opened. More than a thousand actors dressed up and participated in this opening ceremony performance. They expected to give the audience a good performance. At the same time, this horse racing festival opens offline and online synchronous live streaming. The CVW BeamLink-Ultimate provide a great support for the whole event.

The live streaming event took place on the grassland in Nyirong County, Xizang Province. It is open, boundless, fewer obstructions, with an excellent live environment. As the race sections’ course is far apart, the live-streaming team needs to set up multiple cameras and capture the image in real-time. It is not appropriate to use the traditional wired way to do the live stream. It’s best to use the practice of wireless video transmission.

The organizer of this live event uses CVW BeamLink-Ultimate, which can achieve four-channel video transmission, and only occupy one channel, with ultra-low latency, long-distance transmission performance, voice intercom function.


2.jpgAfter deploying cameras in multiple locations and connecting with the transmitter, the video signal is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver. The receiver is connected to the switch console through the SDI/HDMI cable. The director pushes the stream by switching four video sources from transmitters. The switch console will deliver the live video to live-streaming media, realizing the four-channel video transmission’s real-time live stream..

4.jpgThis time CVW BeamLink-Ultimate contributed to the perfect closing of The Nyirong County Horse Racing Culture and Art Festival. In the whole live streaming process, the image was always clear, and the video signal was smooth and stable, which was unanimously recognized by the organizers.