Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

Race Against Time – Livestream for Fire Drill Event

On the evening of July 15, 2021, an extraordinary running event was held at Xi’an Olympic Sports Center in Shaanxi Province, which was the launching ceremony of the 14th Olympic Games Student Firefighting Volunteer Union organized by the fire and rescue departments of Shaanxi Province and Xi’an City. The 500 participants can experience electronic infrared fire extinguishing, “high altitude” slow descent, on-site dressing, electric vehicle safety charging, escape tent exercise, and other exciting projects. They could also learn firefighting knowledge while experiencing those projects.

The Olympic Sports Center has a large area and complex environment. This event needs some cameramen to follow the shooting, but the traditional wired way is challenging to deploy there. At the same time, the ordinary wireless video transmission system does not support multi-channel video transmission and cannot meet these live streaming needs. After product performance tests and comparing with other brands’ products, the CVW Thunder X2 and 4-channel BeamLink-Quad met the requirements of this live streaming event. Finally, the organizer decided to use CVW products.


Thunder X2 has strong wall-through and anti-interference capacity. It can still achieve long-distance range in such a complex non-line-of-sight environment. Because the competition area is large and there are obstacles, long-distance video transmission is tough to achieve. The Thunder X2 is an excellent solution for the above problems.


In addition, several participants are rehearsing in the same area, which requires multiple cameras to shoot the live video of different participants. BeamLink-Quad can simultaneously and stably transmit the four-channel video signal to meet the demand of multi-camera filming. Four-channel transmission only occupies one RF channel, significantly solving the problem of insufficient wireless spectrum resources on site.

The Thunder X2 plus BeamLink-Quad solution is more resistant to interference, allowing video signals to be transmitted farther and more stably.

According to the site environment, the staff deployed six camera positions for filming and livestreaming: 2 cameras were connected to the Thunder X2 transmitter, and the other four cameras were connected to BeamLink-Quad transmitters. The following is the schematic diagram of the on-site program deployment.

Thunder X2 and BeamLink-Quad receivers connect to the switch console with the SDI cables, and the backstage staff will edit the received video and push the stream to do the live stream. Throughout the live stream of the fire drill event, the video transmission always keep a clear, stable, and smooth effect.

The “Dream Run” National Fire Drill Event was held all day. Thunder X2 and BeamLink-Quad have excellent stability and anti-interference capability to protect the live stream without signal dropping over won the unanimous approval of the on-site filming team.

The advantages of  solution

1. Support multi-channel wireless video transmission without complicated wiring, reducing labor and time costs.
2. The joint deployment of “Thunder X2 + BeamLink-Quad” can achieve ultra-long distance video transmission.
3. The unique 4×4 MIMO and Beamforming technology of BeamLink-Quad is conducive to improving the transmission distance and anti-interference capability, which is more advantageous than other wireless video transmission systems.