Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

The Provincial Transportation Center organized the Liaoning provincial highway engineering emergency exercise in Xinmin City to follow principles of safety first, precaution crucial, and comprehensive management. Shenyang – Zhang Liao River bridge and lead line project is also carried out in this city. Liu Yanxin, deputy director of the center, is the general director of the exercise. And emergency, fire, and medical departments were participated in and observed this exercise.


This exercise was sponsored by the provincial development center and undertaken by China Railway Nineteenth Bureau Group Co. The length of this event was about 80 minutes, covering a wide area with more than 100 participants and a complex site environment. The exercise focused on falling objects, injury, and landslide buried accidents and was conducted in several places such as the main venue, the first and second scenes.

At 85 meters from the stage is the main venue. The cameraman needed to move to have multi-angle shootings for the speech spoken by the commander-in-chief and the reporter. The wounded rescue exercise what injuries from falling objects were the first scene set up sixty meters away from the stage. And the organizer requires the entire rescue process details to be recorded, so the cameraman needs to move freely to shoot. Five hundred meters away from the stage, for the second scene of the collapse buried exercise, due to various dilapidated buildings, large machinery, and equipment to block, the non-line-of-sight transmission performance and long-distance transmission requirements of the wireless video transmission system are relatively high.

To meet the needs of this emergency exercise, the organizer decided to use the Thunder X2 and the Swift800 Pro from CVW after comparing the performance of other brands’ products.

For the deployment of the scheme, there are three-camera shooting positions in the main venue. Two fixed shooting positions are separately placed on the left and right sides of the main venue to shoot panoramic views. A camera with a Thunder X2 transmitter was used to move freely and shoot the commander-in-chief and the speaker’s speech.

One of Thunder X2 transmitters is in the main venue

The first scene has two camera positions: a fixed fiber-optic position to shoot the panorama of falling objects and a camera with a CVW Swift800 Pro transmitter as a mobile position (for the mobile shooting of the whole rescue process).

Swift800 PRO was placed in the first scene

The second scene was covered by various dilapidated buildings and sizeable mechanical equipment. The organizer used the Thunder X2 with two DJI drones to shoot. Because the Thunder X2 has strong wall-through and anti-interference capabilities that can still achieve stable transmission in complex non-visual distance scenes. This solution could effectively solve the problems of long-distance transmission, as the wireless signal had to pass through many obstacles such as dilapidated buildings and large machinery and equipment.

The other one of Thunder X2 transmitters is in the second scene

Swift800 Pro and Thunder X2 receivers were connected to the switch console with SDI cables, and the backstage staff edited the received video and live-streamed it online. Throughout the 80 minutes of the Liaoning Provincial Highway Engineering Emergency Comprehensive Emergency Response Exercise, the video transmission signal of the Swift800 Pro and Thunder X2 always maintained a stable and smooth effect, guaranteeing the smooth conduct of this emergency response exercise.

When the exercise was ended, the organizer thought highly of the performance from Thunder X2 and Swift800 Pro. In particular, the Thunder X2, the king of wall-through performance, can still achieve stable transmission in an environment with many obstacles, such as dilapidated buildings and sizeable mechanical equipment. The Thunder X2 also featured long-distance transmission, excellent anti-interference immunity, and other performance, widely used in a variety of complex environments.

This exercise improved the emergency plan system and linkage coordination mechanism in engineering emergencies. It improved the emergency response capability of the emergency rescue team in the face of the province’s highway engineering emergencies.