Live Streaming For The Graduation Ceremony of Wuhan University

Live Streaming For The Graduation Ceremony of Wuhan University

On the morning of June 20, Wuhan University held its 2020 graduation ceremony in the rain. On the scene of the graduation ceremony, 660 graduate representatives dressed in bachelor’s suits and raincoats received their mentor’s paddle in the 912 playground of Wuhan University, while 15,000 graduates who were not present watched the 5G live broadcast to witness their graduation ceremony and bid farewell to their alma mater.


How to do a live stream of such a large campus graduation ceremony?

As the campus playground is large, the traditional wiring method can not effectively cover the entire site, and the camera position is more inconvenient to move, there are tripping personnel, wire off and other risks.

At the same time, more campus live events, requiring multiple cameras and multiple angles for tracking and filming, to maximize the campus macro scene and exciting aspects of the event show out.

Therefore, for large events multi-camera live scenes, CVW launched a multi-camera system in a large scene, multi-angle shooting advantages show!


In this Wuhan University graduation ceremony live event, the organizers used a set of BeamLink-Quad and two sets of Pro800, to achieve a full range of Wuhan University 912 playground, multi-angle live.


Multiple cameras are distributed at various locations in the playground, and each camera is connected to the transmitter of BeamLink-Quad/Pro800 to collect multi-angle, multi-position video images of the entire graduation ceremony.

The collected multiple video signals are transmitted wirelessly from the transmitter to the receiver of the corresponding image.

The receiver side is wired to the guide station via SDI/HDMI. The guide edits the video and pushes it to the live broadcasting platform, realizing the full real-time live broadcast of the entire graduation ceremony, and keeping the video signal transmission stable, clear and smooth throughout the live streaming activity.


In the COVID-19 epidemic such a special period, Wuhan University to take the main online and offline combination of a special form of holding a special graduation ceremony, so that every graduates left a memorable ceremony.

And in the realization of such a large campus graduation ceremony, BeamLink-Quad & Pro800 has also withstood the test and won the unanimous praise of the organizers.

The core points of CVW products:

·4-channel wireless video transmission

·4 transmitters operate in 1 RF channel, multiple RF channels are available

·Up to 500 m/1640 ft transmission range(LOS)

·Ultra-low latency to 70 ms

·Support channel sweep and interference analysis

·4×4 MIMO & Beamforming, enhanced

·anti-interference capability

·Support one mode among RS232, RS422

·Support Tally

·Support IP streaming mode(RTSP)


    ·Zero latency & uncompressed transmission
    ·800 m/2625 ft (LOS) transmission range
    ·HDMI input/output, SDI loop out, dual SDI outputs
    ·5.1-5.8GHz licence-free operation frequency
    ·User configurable frequency bands
    ·Up to 1080p60
    ·AES 128-bit encryption
    ·Support timecode, start/stop recording trigger
    ·Multicast 1-TX to multi-RX
    ·SONY NPF series battery slot
    ·Aluminium Titaniumed housing
    ·Full hardware connection; plug and play