Cycling Crossing The Desert with BeamLink-Duo

Cycling Crossing The Desert with BeamLink-Duo

The “2020 China – Ejina Cycling Race Around P. euphratica” (hereinafter referred to as “Tour of P. euphratica“) is a brand event created by the Ejina Committee of the CPC and the People’s Government of Ejina Banner. It is the only cycling race around the P. euphratica and crossing the desert and other special terrain in China, which is highly recognized by cycling enthusiasts from all walks of life and widely paid attention by domestic and foreign medias. After years of accumulation and efforts, the Tour of P. euphratica has gradually become the independent brand event IP of Ejina, helping to upgrade the construction of scenic spots in the concept of all-area tourism, promoting the new industrial development mode of Ejina’s industry-city integration, making Ejina an “international leisure tourism destination” and a “national all-area tourism demonstration area”.

At the same time, the holding of the cycling race around the P. euphratica has directly boosted the local tourism consumption and further enhanced the image of Ejina, which has realized the perfect integration of sports and tourism. It fully shows the local style and ecological environment of Ejina, demonstrates the open and tolerant, self-improvement spirit of Ejina people, makes more people know Ejina, travel and invest it, and fully promotes the construction of Ejina sports town.

On October 7, 2020, CVW BeamLink-Duo helped Ejina to live stream this cycling race, multi-camera video signals occupied only one RF channel, MIMO and beam assignment technology is not afraid of on-site interference, making the live streaming easier and simpler!