The Remote Control Application Of CVW Wireless Video Transmission System In Mining Area

CVW Thunder Series Products Using for Highland Alpine Earthquake Disaster Relief Exercises

At 9:00 a.m. on May 11, the Office of the State Council Earthquake Relief Command, the Ministry of Emergency Management, and the Gansu Provincial People’s Government jointly held the “Emergency Mission-2022” earthquake relief combat exercise in Zhangye City, Gansu Province. CCTV news channel lives streams this event. People’s network, CCTV network, surging news network, China Emergency Information Network, and other news websites and new media platforms such as People’s Daily client, CCTV news client, Economic Daily client, and China News Network client live streams online simultaneously.


The exercise put the concept of “people first and life first.” The contents of the training include the provincial earthquake relief site command and the Ministry of Emergency Management forward working group video conference, debris rescue scenes, highway and bridge damage rescue scenes, China-EU rescue scenes, west-east gas transmission rescue scenes, west-east power supply repair scenes, military earthquake relief, large above-ground and underground space rescue scenes, oil pipe leak rescue scenes.

This internship site features a wide range and is complex. The challenging environment includes earthquake ruins, highway and bridge damage, China-European train derailment, West-East gas transmission gas leakage, building collapse, oil pipeline leakage, and explosion. The site has a lot of substantial electromagnetic interference and many rescue communications devices, such as drones, helicopters, etc. CVW’s Thunder X2 and Thunder X4 don’t fear any challenges and fully adapt to substantial interference and complex terrain. With the excellent non-line-of-sight transmission performance, ultra-long distance, and good wall-through capability, this national-level rescue exercise live streaming was strongly guaranteed!

This exercise’s live streaming shooting positions are set up in 80 places, including seventy-four fixed shooting positions and six wireless video transmission positions. This exercise’s wireless video transmission positions use the CVW’s Thunder series products. These six wireless video transmission positions are distributed as follows: No. 5 and No. 13 are used to mobile film the ruins of rescue, No. 2 is the swing arm shooting position (filming the podium), and No. 65 is used to mobile shoot the nuclear leak disposal, No. 10 is used to shoot the frontal panoramic view of the podium, No. 77 is used to mobile node the process that team members are climbing the tower to repair.

On-site live streaming shooting distribution diagram

No. 2 the swing arm shooting position (filming the podium)

No. 5 the ruins of rescue shooting position

No. 10 shooting position for the frontal panoramic view of the podium 

No. 13 is used to mobile film the ruins of rescue.No. 77 is used to mobile node the process that team members are climbing the tower to repair.

The thunder X2 and Thunder X4 receivers are set up in the broadcast center.

Each transmitter transmits the video signal to the broadcast center.

The CVW’s staff showed the wireless mesh network emergency command system developed by the CVW company to the ministry of emergency management, provincial and municipal emergency rescue management departments, fire departments, and emergency rescue professional teams such as the China National Rescue Team. And it is well-received on the spot. Some consultants hoped to understand further and try it.  

On-site explanation by CVW staff

In the future, CVW will always adhere to the original intention and constantly stick to technological innovation. It is committed to providing customers with technologically advanced, professional, and reliable emergency command communication solutions to improve rescue and emergency work efficiency and help protect people’s lives and property safety.