Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

Live Streaming For Tsinghua University’s 23rd Alumni Working Conference

On September 11, the 23rd Alumni Work Conference of Tsinghua University was held in Sheraton Shenyang Xindu Greentown Hotel. More than 200 alumni representatives attended the meeting both online and offline to discuss alumni work. Chen Xu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, Shi Zongkai, Han Jingyang, Yuan Yi and Wang Yan, Vice Presidents of Tsinghua Alumni Association, Tang Jie, Director of Tsinghua Alumni Office and Secretary-General of Tsinghua Alumni Association, and leaders of relevant departments and offices of the university attended the meeting.

Because so many attendees joined this event, so the host chose the Sheraton hotel that has a large size. In addition, there are so many wireless devices used on set. The video transmission would be interfered with by those factors. Except for setting the fixed shooting location, the cameramen were also required to move and change different angles to shoot the live scene.

The host took the event very seriously, comparing it with many products from different brands. CVW Thunder X2 features excellent non-line-of-sight transmission performance and great immunity to interference. And it showcased much stable wireless video transmission performance during the comparison. The host decided to use the Thunder X2 to shoot this event. The Thunder X2 includes two transmitters and one receiver. One transmitter has connected the camera used as a fixed shooting location. The other transmitter was used to shoot different angles of the live scene following the cameraman’s movement. This solution would significantly solve the problems of lens shift, complicated environment, and multi-angle shooting.

Fixed shooting location

Cameraman’s movement shooting

The receiver of Thunder X2 was connected to the switch console with an SDI cable. The backstage crew edited and streamed this live scene video online by the switch console. The video transmission performance of Thunder X2 shows up excellent in this event. It keeps the live stream without signal dropping out and vague. Make this event going on successfully.

Tsinghua University alumni working conferences have already been held 23 times. It is a platform for every schoolmate to share and communicate their opinions. It is also a link to inherit the spirit and gather the strength of Tsinghua University. The primary purpose of this event is to gather more resources and share creative ideas to promote the development economy of Shenyang. Make more projects could be executed in Shenyang.