Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

Appreciating the Corals in South Sea of China

June 8, is the thirteenth “World Oceans Day”, the fourteenth “National Ocean Awareness Day”. 8:00-12:00 in Sansha City, Zhao Shu Island held live activities, learning strong, Sansha TV APP, Vlog and other platforms to live stream in real time. Let the audience feel the colorful world of the sea in front of the screen.


Zhao Shu Island, as one of the seven islands in the Xuande Islands in the Xisha Islands of Sansha City, Hainan Province, has a relatively large area, complex environment, and a long and narrow coastline, requiring long-distance shooting of the sea level. In addition, this live stream requires multiple locations for video shooting, requiring multiple camera locations.


The traditional wired method of wiring is difficult, and the ordinary video transmission system cannot support multi-camera transmission. It cannot meet the needs of this live stream. Therefore, the video transmission equipment put forward high requirements. In order to meet the needs of the live stream, the program production team screened a variety of wireless video transmission devices. CVW’s wireless video transmission solution (BeamLink-Quad aand Thunder X2) stood out and became the final solution for the live shooting of this marine promotion activity.

Thunder X2 has strong wall through and strong anti-interference ability, so that it can still achieve long-distance transmission in complex non-visual distance scenes, to solve the difficulties of this live need for long-distance video transmission. At the same time, the BeamLink-Quad supports multi-camera shooting, four channels only occupies one RF channel, to solve the lack of wireless spectrum resources on site, to meet the needs of the program team multi-camera shooting.


When the on-site deployment, the staff connected 4 cameras to the BeamLink-Quad transmitters, and another 2 cameras to the Thunder X2 transmitters, for a total of 6 camera locations for live shooting. The following is the site deployment diagram.

BeamLink-Quad and Thunder X2 receivers are connected to the switch console through SDI cables, and the backend workers edit and network push the video received by the switch console to the major platforms for live streaming.


During the whole live stream of Ocean Day, BeamLink-Quad and Thunder X2 with excellent stability and anti-interference ability, to ensure that the whole live stream is stable and smooth. The staff gave high recognition to the products and solutions of CVW.