Livestream for Highway Engineering Emergency Exercise with Swift800 PRO and Thunder X2

China(Beijing) Digital Finance Forum 2021 | Two-Camera Transmission

On September 10, 2021, the China (Beijing) Digital Finance Forum 2021 with “New Dynamics, New Strategies” was held in Beijing Fengtai Financial Business District. The forum was held with a “Main Forum + 3 parallel forums” form. In this forum, Zhou Xiaochuan, Vice Chairman of Boao Forum for Asia and President of China Finance Association, Lu Yingchuan, Vice Mayor of Beijing, and other leaders attended and delivered speeches. Many honored guests discussed the development trend of digital finance, digital financial infrastructure construction, digital financial services for the real economy, and other topics.

There are over six hundred guests to take part in this forum. The crowded people and other wireless devices on set will interfere with the wireless video transmission. And considering the shooting of the display area, there were many visitors and more display cubicles. At the same time, there were mobile communication towers, Wi-Fi transmitting stations, relay stations, and other signal interference nearby. Compared with other standard solutions, this solution would significantly solve the problems of lens shift, complicated environment, wall-through and multi-angle shooting. So the host decided to use the CVW Thunder X2 to do this live stream for this forum. The Thunder X2 includes two transmitters and one receiver. The camera connecting one transmitter of Thunder X2 was used as a fixed shooting location to shoot the main lobby. The camera connecting to the other transmitter was used to shoot the display experience area by the cameraman’s moving.


10.jpgThe Thunder X2 is a high-performance wireless video transmission system that combines ultra-long transmission distance, super anti-interference, and excellent non-line-of-sight transmission performance. Even in a complicated environment, its good wall-through transmission ability and excellent non-line-of-sight transmission performance can still ensure stable video signal transmission. With the good anti-interference ability and non-line-of-sight transmission performance, Thunder X2 guaranteed the successful conclusion of the live streaming of the forum.

This Digital Finance Forum is a platform to build digital finance policy releases, academic exchanges, and international communication. It will promote the deep integration of industry, academia, research, and application, form a new synergy of financial technology, stimulate new momentum of digital finance and lead the further development of the digital economy. It also helps Beijing build a global digital economy benchmark city, promote the healthy and vigorous growth of China’s digital economy, and contribute financial power to create a new development pattern.