Andrea Bocelli | We See The world with You

Andrea Bocelli | We See The world with You

How did a blind child become a world class singer? A blind child is growing up in the remote Italian countryside, who through a difficult struggle and eventually become a world class singer to acheive his dreams. Andrea Bocelli unveiled this mystery in his autobiography “Don’t Say Goodbye” – “Music for me is a need, like love; music for me is an irresistible fate, like death.”

01  Misfortune and perseverance in childhood


Born in Tuscany, Italy, Andrea Bocelli was sensitive to music, starting piano lessons at the age of 7, followed by flute and saxophone, and a particular interest in opera at a young age.

Unfortunately, Bocelli was born with severe glaucoma, and at the age of 12, he lost his sight completely after a soccer accident. His father whispered in his ear: “Don’t be discouraged, little guys! The world belongs to everyone. Although you can’t see the world, there is at least one thing you can do, and that is, let the world see you!”

Since then, he was no longer discouraged and insisted on learning to sing.

02  The sound of a sensational music

After a year as a lawyer, Andrea Bocelli, who studied law at university, began singing to act as a part-time singer in bars, launching his long-dreamed-of singing career.

The legendary Italian tenor Franco Corelli took him under his wing, and he was recognized by Luciano Pavarotti and many other important figures in the Italian music scene soon. After that time, he was invited to the San Remo Festival, the most famous Italian pop music event, and his song “The Sea of Tranquility at Night” made Andrea Bocelli famous overnight. His successful performance was not only a sensation for the festival but also for the Italian singing world.

The famous Canadian pop singer Celine Dion once commented on him: If God could sing, it would sound like Bocelli’s singing voice.

03  An Awesome show during the COVID epidemic

On October 1, in the town of Camerino, eastern Italy, to celebrate the inauguration of the new Conservatory of Music built by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation in just 148 days, Andrea Bocelli and his friends gave a powerful performance in front of the gallery.

Due to the COVID epidemic, only a few audience were allowed to enter the gallery. At the same time, the organizers set up a venue for 600 spectators a hundred meters away from the gallery and used a non-touched way to do this live stream event, to allow those who could not enter the gallery to watch the performance on a large screen.

Before the performance, the live streaming team did a meticulous survey of the environment, deploying four cameras around the Conservatory Gallery performance venue to cover the performance area, and using with four BeamLink-Ultimate transmitters (two cameras on tripods, one on a manually carried Ronin stabilizer, and the last one on a crane).

To facilitate multi-camera shooting, the camera position on one of the manually carried Ronin stabilizers was used as a mobile camera position to capture the details at any time. The camera position on the crane is used as an overhead camera position to present an overall overview of the performance site.

The receiver of BeamLink-Ultimate is deployed next to the switch console, and the received four video signals are connected to the switch console through SDI/HDMI cables, and the staff edited and pushed the video signal via RTSP mode.

During the whole live streaming process, the cameramen communicated with the director who sited on the front of switch console through the voice intercom function. And moved the camera position for shooting according to the director’s needs, so as to maximize the wonderful live performance to be perfectly presented to the audience watching the event.

Eye disease makes Andrea Bocelli can’t see the world, but he can effect the world by his song. CVW BeamLink-Ultimate successfully guaranteed the live stream of Andre Bocelli’s performance, bringing his inspiring music to every viewer watching the event, delivering the warmth and hope of music to people, and giving them the courage and strength to overcome difficulties.