The Remote Control Application Of CVW Wireless Video Transmission System In Mining Area

5 Types Of CVW Products Was Showed At Film Club

Last week, the launch ceremony of Shengying Video Club and Xi’an University Video Documentary New Generation Workshop was held in Xi’an. Over 400 video makers, film makers, guests, and press corps attended the opening ceremony to witness this great event.

As a leading wireless video transmission solution provider, CVW offers five types of wireless video transmission products at this event: zero-latency system-PRO Z, multi-camera transmission system-BeamLink-Quad, excellent non-line-of-sight system-Thunder, and wireless monitor kit- Swift Z.

PRO Z is one of the zero-latency uncompressed wireless video transmission systems with 21 channels to choose from and use. The transmitter could connect with multiple receivers to meet the numerous monitoring needs. The PRO Z is widely used in many fields, such as film, television, and sports events.

The BeamLink series products are the industry’s first multi-camera, long-range wireless HD video transmission system, widely used in domestic and international TV stations, universities, events, and other multi-camera scenarios. As the iterative product of BeamLink-Quad, BeamLink-Quad Plus attracted a large number of college students and video enthusiasts at this event. CVW brand has to be known again in the industry.

The Thunder series products have three outstanding features: ultra-long transmission distance, great anti-interference, and excellent non-line-of-sight transmission performance. When this system is used in a complex environment, its unique wall-through ability and ultra-long-distance transmission can still ensure stable video signal transmission.

In addition, a film shooting area, short video shooting area, live streaming area, editing, and color grading area were also set up at the event, allowing everyone present to experience the ultimate professional film and television equipment and solutions. At the same time, the event also invited four masters from the film and documentary industry to give special lectures and share their photography know-how.

Six universities participated in the event, namely Xi’an University of Engineering, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi’an Eurasian National University, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology Huaqing College, and Xi’an University of Foreign Studies, with equipment support from Canon (China).

The launch of this film club activity provides a broad learning space and communication platform for more those people who love making videos and films. CVW is committed to providing innovative and professional video transmission solutions for the video industry by practicing what it preaches.