Wireless Video Transmission Types

Nov 3, 2022

From small-scale productions to high-definition performances, we carry the wireless video transmission and receiver devices to meet your needs. You’ll find the working types for:

Single Transmitter to Single Receiver

Point-to-point mode. The video signal is sent from one transmitter, then was transmitting to one receiver. Also means that only occupies one wireless channel. And it is good for avoiding the interference.

Single Transmitter to Multiple Receivers

These kind of wireless video systems allows multicast to up to multiple receivers, no limits, great for transmitting overflow video, announcements, or classroom video to multiple rooms.

Multiple Transmitters to Single Receiver

Broadcast mode. The CVW BeamLink-Quad Plus is one solution available to transmit broadcast-quality, 1080p video with low latency up to 1000 meters away.