2018.03.14 Wireless HD video transmission applications and simple product introduction

Apr 22, 2020

Wireless HD video device is a device that transmits HD video signals (including 1080P/3D and other video formats). As HDMI cables are limited by the stability and high cost of excessive length, more and more attention is being paid to the next generation of wireless HDMI HD transmission technology for the industry. A wireless HDMI transmitter connects a high-definition television (HDTV) or high-definition projector to an audio or video source wirelessly. This article will briefly introduce the applications and products of wireless HD video devices.


Applied in teaching

Typical applications

Wireless HD video transmission has a wide range of applications, typically the following.

1、 Wireless 3D game application

Wireless transmission applications in 3D entertainment

2、Wire-free home theater

More and more homes are equipped with a home theater system, through this device can better share the home theater playback system, with HDTV or HD projector to form a wireless home interactive entertainment system.

3、Wireless projection applications for conferences and business meetings

Wireless projection applications in business meetings, business talks.

4. Application of wireless high-definition photography

(c) Unrestricted wireless transmission applications for photographers moving photography in film and television events.

5、Wireless transmission application of large screen of advertising machine

Wireless transmission applications of digital signage, advertising machines, large screens in advertising operations.

6. Wireless teaching applications

Wireless teaching and learning applications in schools and training institutions.

7. Application of wireless interactive experience

Wireless large-screen live interactive experience applications for parties, opening ceremonies, and various exhibitions.

8、Wireless showroom application

The wireless display of high-definition audio-visual resources in corporate banking securities hall, exhibition hall, 4S store, wedding studio, concept hall, creative room.

9、Bar KTV wireless entertainment application

The application of wireless transmission of entertainment video and audio in bars and KTV.

10. Wireless courts

(b) Guaranteeing the openness of information in the courtroom and interrogation rooms, with a second screen transmitting wirelessly for public scrutiny.

11. Medical institutions

Wireless transmission applications for high-definition imaging equipment in high-end medical institutions to reduce radiation damage to staff.

12. Wireless multimedia centres in the smart home

Application of wireless HD video and audio transmission in the smart home industry.


The market is full of wireless video transmission products, in view of the current national attention to education, the following is an example to introduce the Sky Evolution – Education wireless video transmission.

CVW BeamLink-Quad is a four-transmit, one-receiver, Tally-enabled, low-latency, long-distance wireless HD recording system that supports four channels of HD video. The transmission distance is up to 500 meters, and the delay of image transmission is as low as 60ms. It eliminates the trouble of multi-station wiring, and the receiver can seamlessly connect the cutter, which is widely used in wireless recording and broadcasting, education recording and broadcasting, teaching live, etc.


BeamLink series for education


1. Wireless HD, long range transmission up to 500 m

2. Four-channel transmission support with Tally function.

3. Seamless connection of cutter stations at the receiving end

4. Simple installation, convenient operation, flexible and convenient application.

5. Eliminate the need for multi-location wiring

6. Image transmission delay as low as 60ms

7. supports SDI and HDMI input, and has over-voltage protection [CVW].