Why would you need a Wireless Video Transmission System?

Mar 4, 2022

Wires, at some times, they just get in the way, especially when working on a professional video production. Snaking hundreds of feet of cable around a shooting location can make it difficult for camera operators to move around, can be incredibly messy, and sometimes wires and cables can make capturing the shot you need incredibly difficult or even impossible.

In this siuation, wireless is so helpful for cameramen and directors.

For simple video setups, you can record your footage in-camera. Not only won’t you need a wireless video transmission system, you won’t need any wires either. But as shooting situations get more complex, suddenly the amount of cable you’ll need to run expands quickly. If there are directors, producers or other clients who need to watch or direct the footage being recorded in real time, you’ll need to run cables to monitors, and if they’ll be monitoring the shots from a video village far away, that’s a whole lot more cable that’ll need to be run. If you’ll be recording the footage remotely (or recording multiple/backup copies of the footage remotely) that’s a few more cables you’ll need. As you’d expect, all these cables can make it much more difficult to maneuver the camera, and they can limit the types of shots you can shoot. In those situations, many people choose to go with wireless video transmission for the added flexibility that going wireless offers.

In many other shooting situations, cables just aren’t a realistically viable option. Sometimes, to get the footage you need, you’ll need to go wireless. If you need to use mobile concealed cameras for a candid camera type situation, if you’ll be performing risky shots that may damage the camera and don’t want to risk missing out on great footage, or if you need camera operators to be incredibly mobile and free to move wherever the action may take them while still allowing multiple people to monitor/direct the footage live from remote location, you’ll definitely want to consider some type of wireless video transmission system.