What is the Multi-Channel Transmission? What are the functions?

Feb 18, 2022

As people’s requirements for quality of life become higher and higher, so do their aesthetics. In many videos, TV and films, producers have started to use various professional equipment to achieve the desired effect in order to produce more realistic and better looking works and increase publicity. Multi-channel video transmission has become one of the most commonly used and most effective means of achieving the desired effect.

Definition of multi-receiver live video transmission:

Multi-channel video transmission can be used to send and receive real-time video, which is transmitted to a device using multiple monitoring devices through wireless technology. Many films and videos are shot from different angles by various cameras and then transmitted to a single device, where professionals select the most satisfactory video. This not only saves a lot of work costs because of unsatisfactory content, but also saves time and greatly improves efficiency and the quality of the filmed video.

The functions of multi-channel video transmission:

Multi-channel video transmission equipment will generally be more stable than ordinary equipment in the application, will not be affected by a variety of factors, frame loss or drop phenomenon, but also enough to ensure that the video transmission in real time. The images are clearer, have a higher resolution and are reproduced at the same time. There is no distortion or over-retouching of colours. Many video producers need professional equipment if they want to make a good video with high ratings, and it is essential to send and receive more professional equipment for video transmission.