What Is The Function of Wireless Video System?

Feb 25, 2022

What Do They Do?

Wireless video transmission system transmits a video signal wirelessly from one location to another.

They always…

  • Have one transmitter or more that:
    • Accepts a wired video signal (usually connects with an HDMI and/or SDI cable)
    • Converts the wired video signal to either an uncompressed or a compressed wireless video signal
    • Transmits/sends the wireless video signal out over a wireless channel through antenna(s)
  • Have one receiver or more that:
    • Accepts the wireless video signal from the transmitter
    • Converts the wireless signal back to uncompressed video to monitoring devices
    • Transmits/sends the uncompressed video signal out over wired connections (usually connects with HDMI and/or SDI cable(s))
  • Can be powered in multiple ways
  • Transmit embedded audio

They sometimes…

  • Transmit embedded ancillary data (timecode, record triggers, etc.)
  • Have user selectable channels (to allow multiple systems in the same vicinity or to coordinate within RF congested areas)
  • Multicast – transmit one signal to multiple receivers 
  • Multi-channel transmission – transmit four-channel signals to one receiver