What are the types of wireless image transmission systems?

Jun 1, 2020

Wireless image transmission system is divided into two categories from the application level, one is the fixed-point image surveillance transmission system, the second is the mobile video image transmission system. Fixed point wireless image monitoring and transmission system, mainly used in wired closed-circuit surveillance inconvenient to complete the place, such as port terminal monitoring system, river water conservancy video and data monitoring, forest fire monitoring system, city safety monitoring, etc.

In addition to the demand for fixed-point image monitoring, the demand for mobile image transmission is also quite strong. Mobile video image transmission, generally used in public security command vehicle, traffic accident exploration vehicle, fire armed police command vehicle and customs, oil fields, mines, water conservancy, electricity, finance, maritime, and other emergency, emergency command system.

The main role is to transmit the real-time image of the scene back to the command center, so that the command center’s command decision makers, such as the location, progress in decision-making accuracy and timeliness, progress in work efficiency, the application of 3G/4G transmission image wireless network mobile transmission technology has many advantages: good loss of confidentiality, strong anti-interference ability, anti-multipath decline, the configuration of the system capacity sensitive, low cost of network construction, etc.

The equipment adopts MPEG-4 crunching method, using MPEG-4 CIF format to crunch the image, can reach the rate of about 2 frames per second, the application of wireless image transmission equipment wireless self-organized network image transmission equipment in addition to the advantages of 3G/4G mobile transmission technology, especially with self-organized network technology, saving the cost of using 3G/4G image transmission within 1000 meters.

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