UAV Picture Transfer Installation Operation Guide

Jun 1, 2020

The AeroLink product suite consists of CP6001+CP3037, which adopts H.264 codec and COFDM digital modulation for low latency wireless transmission of transmitting and receiving system, the maximum distance of wireless video transmission is up to 10km, which is widely used in landscape photography, advertising photography and other fields.

The operating guide of AeroLink has been recorded, welcome to download and watch!

Product Features
1. Support point-to-point, single-issue multi-receipt application mode.

2. Wireless high-speed transmission technology, small image delay, long transmission distance.

3. Support standard HDMI video wireless transmission.

4.H.264 image compression technology, high-quality fine compression, up to broadcast-grade images.

5. Channel switching is possible through key operation.

6. Support USB upgrade.

7. Environmentally adaptable, working temperature range -10~+50°C.

8. Dual antenna reception, good anti-multipath effect.

9. Support wide voltage access, flexible wiring.

10. Metal housing with mounting holes for easy installation.