The BeamLink-Quad Plus Advantage: Engineered for Multi-channel video transmission and Low-latency

Apr 28, 2022

“What is BeamLink-Quad Plus” maybe you know less about it. While it may sound like the name of an excellent beam forces space series, it’s the new updating version for the 70 milliseconds latency and four-channel transmission that only occupies one RF channel CVW BeamLink-Quad Plus wireless video transmission system.

If you are used to working with the wireless video system, you will know it’s comparable to the convenience you get from having “Bluetooth and WiFi settings Inside” in your smartphone. BeamLink-Quad Plus is refined complexity — years of intensive R&D and generational product updates folded into a simple, intuitive, versatile solution for those camera professionals who were worked in the broadcasting field.

What is it?

In short, BeamLink-Quad Plus is the latest generation of 4×4 MIMO and Beamforming technology that empowers four-channel video signals to transmit wirelessly through one RF channel. It’s the solution that lets you monitor in HDR with up to 1080P resolution; see it in real-time from up to 800 meters away. It’s simple, it’s extended, and it’s powerful.

Diving a little deeper reveals some excellent details; it supports SDI, HDMI, and RTSP streaming outputs simultaneously, adopts H.265 encoding and decoding and supports auto or manual channel scan function. It’s easy to figure out why this multi-channel solution offers a competitive advantage.


Why Upgrade?

Embedding the new H.265 encoding and decoding Chipset and a new solution into BeamLink Series’s accessible, scalable BeamLink series HDR ecosystem allows for robust and long-distance video transmission and reception. Whether or not you’re looking to elevate your setup, the BeamLink-Quad Plus product line offers greatly improved functionality and ease of use for broadcasting camera professionals.


Upgraded features include:

  • Dramatically improved image quality with H.265 encoding and decoding
  • Enhanced 1080 HDR image quality
  • Supports up to 1080p60
  • Up to 800 meters/2600 feet of range
  • Auto or manual channel scan function selection to help you avoid overcrowded wireless channels
  • Real-time signal diagnostics to quickly analyze signal health
  • Supports SDI, HDMI, and RTSP streaming outputs simultaneously


Workflow Possibilities

One of the most significant benefits of the new chipset is the flexibility it affords. Whether you’re on a multi-camera shoot with drones, gimbals, and Steadicams or a single-camera commercial that needs to move fast, it can fit the above situation that frees you to focus on more important things, very good for live-streaming activities.

If you’re looking to consolidate your workflow, future-proof your setup, and significantly boost your range. Have you tried the new BeamLink-Quad Plus ecosystem yet? Let us know what you think!