2018.03.16 The application of COFDM wireless video transmission technology

Apr 22, 2020

GPRS, CDMA and COFDM are the most common wireless video transmission technologies, but both GPRS and CDMA have common disadvantages, namely, they can only do through-view transmission, directional transmission, and are difficult to support mobile transmission. The COFDM wireless video transmission technology can overcome this shortcoming, its practical value is mainly that it breaks the sight distance limit, has good immunity to noise and interference, and can bypass and penetrate the obstruction. We start with the definition of COFDM and understand the main applications of COFDM wireless video transmission.

What is COFDM?

COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing), i.e., coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing for short, the basic principle is that high speed data streams are transferred through the string parallel conversion, assigned to a number of sub-channels with lower transmission rates. COFDM is based on the idea of expanding the information in the frequency domain and time domain, through coding, the degradation of each unit code signal during transmission can be considered statistically independent, so as to eliminate the effects of flatness degradation and Doppler frequency shift, with strong winding ability and anti-interference ability.

COFDM technology applications

1. It can be used as a mobile video image transmission, widely used in public security command car, traffic accident exploration vehicle, fire and police command car and customs, oil fields, mines, water conservancy, electricity, finance, maritime, and other emergency, emergency command system, the main role is to the scene of the real-time image transmission back to the command center, so that the command center of the command decision makers, such as immersion, improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision-making, improve efficiency.

2. For some emergency command center image transmission system, they often require the transmission of images from the scene of an emergency back to the command center. For example, major natural disasters, floods, fire scenes, large gatherings of people and important safety and security missions, etc. This type of emergency image transmission system should not be transmitted over public networks and should preferably use professional mobile video transmission equipment.

3. COFDM is also currently used in the drone module, mainly for the transmission of sound and video images, access to field information, now the transformation of traditional wireless image transmission manufacturers to do drone modules, and do more mature, like COFDM, its predecessor is to do wireless image transmission equipment, is now also engaged in the production and research and development of drones, become the leader of the drone industry.

The above is the wireless video transmission equipment manufacturers, we want to give you a compilation of COFDM wireless video transmission technology applications, hope to help you [CVW].