Swift800 Pro’s RTSP Mode Switching Operation for iPhone or Android Phone Monitoring

Aug 10, 2022

Warm Tip: please make sure your smartphones/iPads support 5GHz band.
Directly download: https://20200506.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/App/CW-Release-V1.0-2.apk
Download APP in Google Play store or APP store, as shown in Figure 1:

2. Turn on the Swift800 Pro transmitter, then press and hold the MODE key about 5seconds for switching to the RTSP mode. The OLED screen will display “RTSP.”

3. Navigate to smartphone/iPad’s WLAN Setting pageand select the SSID (AP), which starts with “CVW” to connect.

Warm Tips:

  • Short press the boot button, the screen will display the SSID (AP).
  • If the SSID (AP) cannot be searched, we recommend restarting again.

    4. Input the password (12345678) and select “CONNECT,” as shown in Figure 2:

    5. Open the APP, start your creative work, and please refer to Figure

    Warm Tip: connecting to SSID (AP) will cause your devices to be unable to access the Internet (as shown in Figure 3).