How A Wireless Video Transmission System Make Use Of 5G Private Network?

Sep 1, 2022

In essence, instead of using a 5G network that can be easily overwhelmed by other users, and thus the speed and reliability of transmitting real-time data or pre-recorded pictures could be compromised, it’s better to use a dedicated 5G network that allows the shooting team to send low-latency real-time pictures without fear of losing the network.

The CVW company provides ultra-low latency Beamforming and 4×4 MIMO technologies that can be used in the broadcast industry. 

CVW 5G cellular encoders enable wireless network connectivity between transmitters and receivers so that camera operators are free to roam around the network area during an event, rather than relying on broadcast cameras that only use radio (RF) signals that rely on proprietary equipment to connect to external broadcasts.