Does the wireless video transmission system need a network?

Feb 18, 2022

A wireless video transmission system is the transmission of videos in real time by means of wireless technology. As there are now many different ways of wireless technology, many wireless video transmission systems can generally be divided into monitoring video transmission systems and movable video transmission systems.

As an important wireless video transmission device, because to achieve real-time wireless video transmission, it is necessary to support the network signal. Wireless video transmission may seem simple, but as it requires highly accurate science and technology to complete, what are the factors that affect its effectiveness and transmission time?

The impact of the external environment on video transmission:

The transmission of videos can take place not only indoors but also outdoors, and very harsh environments can have an impact on the transmission of wireless videos. High winds and thunder, for example, can interfere with the transmission signal to some extent. It also needs to be docked with the prepared directional signal. If the wireless signal is not connected successfully, it cannot be transmitted successfully even at very close distances, let alone at very long distances.

The impact of the quality of the equipment on the video transmission:

The quality of the video equipment and the different brands and prices have a certain influence. There is a big gap between the quality and cost effectiveness of cheap equipment and equipment that is relatively much less expensive. Different models of the same brand of equipment at different price points also differ greatly in terms of the quality and effect of the sound transmitted. An important factor affecting the price is the difference in the strength of the research and development team. If you want to achieve clear images, smooth sound quality and real-time transmission, you must have a good device to transmit.