CVW Solutions In The Field

Sep 15, 2022

Sometimes, live filming situations can be unpredictable, requiring all parties to work together to share data and coordinate quickly and effective responses to mitigate the impact on filming. To optimize resource allocation and coordination, accurate and timely data from the field during an emergency is critical to developing situational awareness, decision making, and subsequent response.

However, the steady video transmission required for video production always be effected in the presence of obstructions such as crowded environment and wall occlusion. Mobile networks may not work smoothly, which means that not only is the affected cameramen in a vulnerable and unreachable position, but the director may not be able to guide appropriately to get a good filming result.

In such critical situations, stable wireless video transmission is the problem to be solved by the CVW solution. The transmitter of each system can quickly obtain the current video data from different shooting directions, so that the receiver can present the received video to the director by connecting the monitor.

In addition, the multi-channel wireless transmission system can shoot multiple live scenes in multiple directions and transmit the current video and audio data. Beamforming and 4×4 MIMO techniques used by CVW can transmit live video stably despite interference from other wireless devices. The director can see multiple cameras in real time and instruct the cameraman remotely.

Cameramen can use the CVW intercom system to communicate important filming content with the director, report their location, coordinate with team members, and keep shooting smoothly in the field.

Of course, all video and audio data is protected. CVW has been in the forefront of wireless video transmission field, and constantly developed products to meet the current shooting environment.