Benefits and Limitations of Beamforming

Nov 9, 2022

Benefits of beamforming

Advantages of beamforming include the following:

  • More power is directed in the beam’s specified direction.
  • Higher signal quality reaches the receiving device, which increases the coverage capacity of the cell tower or base station.
  • There are faster information transfers and fewer errors.
  • Signal interference between devices is avoided since signals are only broadcast where needed.
  • Analog beamforming is relatively simple to implement and has lower power requirements.

Current limitations of beamforming

Beamforming does have limitations, however:

  • It sometimes requires more computing resources and power for beamforming calculations.
  • Digital and massive MIMO beamforming systems may be more complex, especially considering more antennas and other hardware used.
  • Its cost tends to be higher than traditional systems.