2018.03.21【CVW】What are the scenarios for HDMI interface applications?

Apr 22, 2020

From Bluetooth transmission to video sharing to today’s online video sharing, it’s all about the joy of being free from the confines of cables. The emergence of HDMI wireless high-definition video transmission, so that free from the confines of the cable, film and television shooting easily and more efficient.

Easier and more efficient filming without cables

The development of HDMI wireless high-definition video transmission technology has achieved long-range uncompressed, time-lapse-free high-definition video transmission over a distance of up to 1000 meters, which can fully meet the needs of various indoor and outdoor shooting. The wiring-free field will bring you a safer, more professional enjoyment.


HDMI wireless high-definition video transmission is also used in wireless video surveillance, public security command, traffic accident exploration, fire and police field command and other fields to improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision-making and improve efficiency.

Get rid of the cables and enjoy HDMI wireless HD video with ease

With the rapid development of network video sharing technology and the technical breakthrough of HDTV, the large screen HDTV is entering thousands of homes, free from the cable, easy to enjoy HDMI wireless HD video is becoming a fashion trend.

Wireless transmission of 1080P video requires extremely high data bandwidth to ensure clarity and smooth playback. SmartAir technology, with a data rate of up to 1Gbps of excellent transmission performance to lead the industry, but also one of the best options for bearing HDMI wireless HD video.

SmartAir technology can make users no longer tangle with cables, easily set up wireless video center, widely used in meeting rooms, lecture halls, lecture halls, literary stages, home entertainment, KTV entertainment and other places, SmartAir can let you enjoy home entertainment in the trouble-free cable, long distance wireless transmission, automatic frequency switching, plug and play, 1080P HDMI wireless HD video feast!

SmartAir supports high-definition transmission within 7-15 meters, consisting of a transmitter and receiver that connects playback devices such as computers, laptops, Blu-ray disc players, HD players, PS3s, etc., and a receiver that connects display devices such as large screen LCDs, HD TVs, HD projectors, home theaters or simple speakers.

HDMI wireless HD video transmission, get rid of the cable and easily enjoy wireless HD video; improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision making and increase work efficiency. [CVW]