Urban 5G Live Streaming Solution at a High Altitude

Jun 1, 2020

Background: High altitude shooting is characterized by high altitude and a great view, which can stand in God’s perspective to shoot a more shocking and magnificent overlooking effect. It is widely used in many cities for city publicity videos, light shows, and live broadcasts of large events.

Challenges in urban overhead live streaming

Due to the shooting places are located over some super-high buildings, such as a skyscraper or TV tower and so on. The 5G signal is very hard to fully cover the shooting place and receiving place. And it results in the video cannot be transmitted directly through the 5G network to the live streaming center.

Furthermore, it is not practical to arrange cables from high altitudes to transmit the video to the ground receiving center.

Therefore, transmitting video to the ground via wireless video transmission devices becomes the best option and solution. This solution has two major difficulties: one is that the shooting place is too far away from the ground receiving place, and general wireless video transmission devices in the transmission distance, image quality, bit rate, delay, and other indicators can not meet the needs of wireless video transmission. Secondly, in general, there are obstructions between the ground receiving place and the shooting place, such as the people’s motion, interference from various electronic devices, etc. All of these factors can affect the normal wireless video transmission. In order for the video to transmit normally, stably and smoothly, the above two difficulties must be resolved.

CVW Thunder + 5G network live streaming solution

CVW proposes a live streaming solution that combines CVW Thunder + 5G network transmission, mainly targeting the problems of far distance, non-line of sight, and serious interference when shooting at high altitudes. The front end uses Thunder to transmit the video with a far distance to the ground receiving place, the back end through the 5G network to transmit the video to the live streaming center, can perfectly solve the above difficulties.

Application case:

Take the Guangzhou Light Show live stream case as an example, the high altitude shooting place is located in Guangzhou Tower, 488 meters from the ground position, the receiving place is Ersha Dao, the shooting place is about 1000 meters from the receiving place. The overall environment of the receiving place is complex, with problems such as dense population and severe interference from various wireless electronics.

The overall schematic is as follows:

Advantages of Thunder:

Base on advanced wireless transmission technology, Thunder has excellent non-line-of-sight transmission, anti-interference, and ultra-long-distance transmission performance.

  1. Excellent non-line-of-sight transmission, ensuring stable transmission in the non-line-of-sight environment, greatly expanding the application range of wireless video transmission devices, and does not affect the video transmission between different floors, buildings, indoor and outdoor.
  2. Using a 1.4G wireless band, avoiding most of the electronic signal interference of wireless products, to ensure normal operation in the complex wireless electronic environment.
  3. Ultra-long-distance transmission: the normal transmission distance is 1.2 km, high altitude transmission up to 10 km, covering most of the live-shooting needs.
  4. Rich interfaces, comprehensive functions. The product is equipped with SDI, HDMI, RJ45 network port, Tally interface, RS232/422, and other interfaces, which can match various cameras and switch consoles and other equipment. It supports point-to-point transmission and RTSP mode. It allows zooming, directional control, and signal control of the PTZ cameras at the receiving end.
  5. Support full HD video transmission, ultra-low latency. It supports up to 1080P60 video transmission, with latency as low as 70ms, to ensure the real-time output of high-definition images during the live stream.


Frequency: 1.4G

TX Power: 33±1dBm

Power Consumption: ≦12W

Transmission Range: 1000 meters (20Mhz bandwidth, 15Mbps bit rate)

Delay: 70ms

Operating Voltage: 7-36V

Channel Bandwidth: 5MHz, 10MHz ,15MHZ,20MHZ