Live Streaming for Shucheng Sports Opening Ceremony by BeamLink-Ultimate

Jun 4, 2021

A total investment of 600 million yuan, covering an area of 480 acres of Shucheng County Sports Center had just been completed to usher in the first sports event on January 13. The sports projects are including basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, badminton, go, chess, tug of war, 5000 meters fitness run, square dance, guandan ball, etc. From the county towns, development zones, Wanfo Lake Management Committee, the county totally has more than 2,700 people to participate this event. Shucheng County Media Center had live streamed this opening ceremony, and the CVW offer an all-round wireless video transmission kit called BeamLink-Ultimate to provide technical support for this event.

According to the environment of the shooting location, the shooting team of the integrated media center determined to use multi-camera way to shoot this event. So that it can shoot from different angles to capture every wonderful moment of this great event. They looked for the wireless video transmission systems, and finally determined to use CVW BeamLink-Ultimate to do this live stream. As the industry’s first all-channel wireless video transmission system, it not only supports multi-camera shooting, but also both intercom, Tally and control video signal, which greatly facilitates the exchange and communication of the guide team members and effectively improves their work efficiency.

During the whole live streaming event, the video signal was always stable, clear and smooth. The team memebers highly appreciated the performance of the BeamLink-Ultimate at this time. In the field of wireless video transmission, CVW will continue to base on the international cutting-edge technology, take technological innovation as the cornerstone of the enterprise, uphold the business attitude of “harmony and cooperation”, and devote to providing customers with first-class products and services.