How to Do a Live-Streaming Campaign In a Shopping Mall?

Sep 18, 2020

In recent years, “live-stream sales” has become a common social phenomenon. Affected by the COVID-19, more and more sellers are joining the live-streaming market. But how to avoid the failure to achieve success when you are live streaming? It is very critical to choose an excellent live-streaming solution.

When a live-streaming campaign is held in a shopping mall, the cameraman needs to follow the anchor’s trail to shoot. In this situation, we advise the people to adopt the solution that sets up a wired position and mobile wireless transmission. You can set up some wired transmission camera shooting places. When the wired transfer can’t receive the signal out of the range, you can use the wireless transmission to do the live streaming. Combine these two ways to exchange flexibly, and it will achieve a full range of coverage of the mall and ensure the stable transmission around all the corners in the shopping mall.

Some problems need to solve by using wireless communications solutions

We always used the 5GHz signal to transmit the video in all the wireless video transmission solutions. Many shopping malls exist the complex environment and variable layout, such as walls, AD board, metal devices, and so on. And the high frequency and short wavelength of the 5G band makes the video signal difficult to bypass obstacles. These factors will make the video signal of 5GHz weak when it goes through these obstacles, and it finally results in an unstable transmission.

CVW Thunder solution

An example from the Chengdu Fu Sen Mei home shopping mall

Fully considered all the complex video transmission scenarios, CVW launched a new product- Thunder, which shows an excellent performance in non-line-of-sight transmission. It is designed in a 1.4GHz wireless internet technology, features with excellent non-line-of-sight transmission, ultra-low latency, long-distance transmission. It compares with other wireless video transmission devices, really achieves high-quality progress.

Last days, the host adopted a solution combined with the wired video transmission and Thunder in the Chengdu Fu Sen Mei home shopping mall. They used this solution to make online live-streaming home sales.

Live streaming deployment plan of Thunder  :

  1. The shopping mall has a big size and a rounded ground, which has many obstacles there. If you want to do a live stream in this shopping mall, you could choose a wired transmission position to set up a solid camera layout that can live-stream most stores. Other stores that are very difficult to use the wired transmission can use Thunder’s transmitter to match with the mobile camera to do the live-streaming shooting. All of these ways allow for a full range of live stream without dead ends.

2. In the presence of many walls, billboards, and other obstructions in the shopping mall’s interior, “Thunder” still maintained a tremendous stable signal in the live-streaming process.

3. The switcher combined with the wired and wireless signal. All switching is in real-time so that you can live stream to any social media platform. And the final live video stably displayed on the screen.

The advantages of this solution

In this live-streaming case, the workers need to check the environment on site. They needed to know more about the influencing factors, for instance, live-streaming route, surrounding obstacles. After that, they worked out a solution combined with a wired transmission and a mobile wireless transmission with Thunder. As a time-tested wireless video transmission equipment-“Thunder”, its characteristics and advantages have significantly been demonstrated.

  • Excellent non-line-of-sight transmission ability and anti-interference ability, adapt to various complex environments;
  • Flexible deployment. Only one set of Thunder can be helped to complete the mobile video transmission;
  • It can cover the areas that cannot be covered by wired transfer, saving workforce and material costs, ensuring stability, security, and reliability;
  • Supports RTSP mode/an ultra-low latency 70ms/live HD video broadcasting.

With the increasing video streaming information,” the live-stream sales “, “cloud online shopping” has become a new popular trend. Then, how to do well in a professional live-streaming campaign in the shopping mall. The choice of live-streaming solutions is very crucial. According to different scenarios, developing the corresponding solution is the guarantee of a live stream. It can live stream to social media platforms stably and smoothly, and avoid signal loss and missing frames during the live stream.