CVW Supports Shell Company’s 6th Service Star Competition Live Stream Event

Jun 5, 2021

Sinopec Shell Service Star Competition was held at Sichuan Company Bypass East Station On April 26, 2021. There are seven contestants from different regions to represent Sinopec Shell to compete. In the past, multiple companies competed in the same venue for scoring at the same time. This competition was more difficult as competitors from the same company competed in multiple positions of station manager, gas station attendant and convenience store attendant at the same time. Despite the adjustment of the competition system, this competition still set the best result in the past years.

01  The live streaming challenges

1. The live streaming space is large, and the environment is complex. For instance, crowded people, multi-camera positions, and blocking and other obscurants. The traditional fixed shooting location is difficult and cannot meet the needs to do this live stream event.

2. There are several players in the competition at the same time, which requires multiple camera positions to shoot and capture the performance of different players in real time. The ordinary wired video transmission system cannot support multi-camera motion shooting.

3. There are more oil piles in the competition, and the service of the contestants should be displayed in multiple dimensions, so the cameramen are needed for mobile tracking and shooting.

02  BeamLink-Duo+Thunder X2, multi-camera shooting, awesome anti-jamming performance

The staff deployed 6 camera positions (2 fixed positions and 4 mobile positions) according to the site environment.

1. The 2 cameras in the fixed positions are connected to the switch console via SDI cables.

2. The 2 mobile cameras are connected to the BeamLink-Duo transmitters, which transmits the video signal wirelessly to the BeamLink-Duo receiver. The BeamLink-Duo receiver is connected to the switch console via SDI/HDMI cables.

3. 2 mobile cameras are connected to the Thunder X2 transmitters, which transmits the video signal wirelessly to the Thunder X2 receiver. Thunderb X2 receiver is connected to the switch console via SDI/HDMI cables.

4. These two receivers transmitted the received four video signals to the switch console. The director would switch the video based on the actual needs, then push it to the social media channels by RTSP mode.

03  The advantage of BeamLink-Duo and Thunder X2

1. Multi-camera wireless video transmission system, no need to place complicated wire on set, then reduce labor and time costs.

2. Through the joint way of “BeamLink-Duo + Thunder X2” to achieve ultra-long distance transmission.

3. Excellent stability and anti-interference ability, making live stream more efficient and simple!