5G+Thunder | China’s first tour tower live broadcasting challenge

May 30, 2020

In recent years, the light show has become a way to show the charm of a city. When night falls, the buildings in the center of the bustling area are lit up, and an art of light and shadow appears.
Guangzhou International Light Festival would be on display on the evening of November 18, 2019. The beautiful scenery and lights of Huacheng square broadcasted in the live brought dream-like feeling!
On the day of the live broadcast, the temperature dropped sharply. But in order to let the whole city citizens can experience the stunning charm of the light show. Behind the camera, four reporter from Southern Metropolis Daily braved the strong wind to shoot on the top of the 488-meter high Canton Tower.

Long distance & strong interference

This live broadcast was carried out simultaneously in four locations including Haixinsha, Huacheng square, Liwan park and Canton Tower. Among them, one of the shooting places was located at the top of the Canton Tower at a height of 488 meters. The light show was broadcast by way of aerial photography. Its position height and distance are very challenging for the live broadcast team!
Challenge 1:
the altitude of Canton Tower is 488m. The current wired scheme and wireless video transmission cannot meet the demand of video signal return.
Challenge 2:
the scene is in the downtown area, with dense crowd. Many telecommunication equipment are located around, so there is complex interference.
“Thunder” +5G transmission, set up the receiving point of the wireless video transmission signal on the ground, transmit the live signal on the tower to the ground through “Thunder”, and then transmit the live signal to the studio through 5G signal.

The first tower live screen transmits successfully, relying on the “artifact” – “Thunder”.

The technician in the above picture stood firmly at his post to ensure the smooth signal. From the testing signal to the end of the live broadcast, he seemed to be a “standing sculpture” for more than 2 hours.

Transmitter position on top of tower                                                          Signal receiving position of Ersha island
Every year, there are so many people in the light festival. The shooting scene is complex and changeable. The live broadcast range is limited due to the cable constraints, and the live broadcast signal is unstable, which has been a problem that troubles the staff. This light festival is even more difficult to broadcast live from the shooting place of Canton tower. Why did the reporter choose “Thunder” to do this live?

Super strong penetration + long distance + Super anti-interference

This is Power Warriors “Thunder”.

From the on-site challenges, this live broadcast needs a high-performance wireless video transmission product integrating ultra-long transmission distance, super anti-interference and super penetration.

And wireless video transmission product whose transmission distance reach more than 1000 meters is very few in current market. The new king of breaking barriers  – CVW Thunder, just meet the needs of these points. The Thunder overcame the great challenges, perfect completion of the task in this time.
Thunder has excellent penetration and non-line-of-sight transmission capacity, ground transmission distance of 1.2 km, high altitude on the ground transmission distance up to 10 km, working for wireless transmission speed of experience: the amazing wireless image quality, 1080 p high-definition, better reliability, wider coverage. In addition, it also equipped the super anti multi-path, antenna diversity and other technologies. It is the Power Warriors!

5G , instant sharing of wonderful moments

This live broadcast also has another highlight — the adoption of 5G signal transmission!
As is known to all, compared with 4G, 5G has many advantages such as ultra-high speed, low delay, wide connection and so on. With a speed up to 10Gb/s, it only needs 2s to download an ultra-high definition movie, and the live broadcast is very clear, and it owns a better quality and higher reliability for the real-time transmission of video.
In order to ensure the stability of live signal, technicians tested the signal in Haixinsha, Huacheng square and Canton Tower three days in advance, and cooperated with mobile operators to optimize the coverage of 5G network in blind areas and made various plans.

Every large live broadcast is inseparable from teamwork, and technical equipment is the premise and guarantee. Only in this way, can the staff synchronously cut in multiple signals and complete a super live light show.