3 Minutes to Learn How to Stream a Live Concert

Sep 29, 2020

Due to the large size of this concert and the complexity of the environment, the shooting team wants to do live streaming and often relies on multi-camera to achieve the entire event venue coverage. However, the deployment of wired shoots is time-consuming and laborious, and the number of channels available for ordinary video transmission is limited.

For such large-scale live events, the CVW BeamLink series make it easy and convenient to live stream by their multiple video transmission and anti-interference advantages. BeamLink series products were recently used in the Harbin “Conquer the epidemic with art” large-scale symphonic concert. They significantly showed to the people how to use the BeamLink transmitters to achieve six channels transmission.

01  The live streaming challenge and the BeamLink series advantages

Harbin Concert Hall is grand. With first-class sound, sound control equipment, it can accommodate hundreds of chorus and thousands of audiences at the same time. With the general indoor live stream is different, the live-streaming team needs to face the challenges that are more complex and diverse in such a vast modern music hall.

1. As the concert hall is much larger than the general indoor area, to ensure that the concert hall’s performance area and the audience area can be filmed. It is necessary to deploy camera positions in multiple directions. But the traditional way to do the live stream can not meet the demand, and inconvenient to move the cameras. Therefore, the team needs to use wireless video transmission devices for multi-camera live streaming.

2. In the past, a video signal needs to occupy one channel for standard wireless video transmission. To avoid interference between adjacent channels, we always advise skipping one channel for video transmission. Limited channel spectrum resources limit the number of available channels.
Compared with standard video transmission that takes up multiple channels, CVW BeamLink-Duo and BeamLink-Quad take up only one RF channel, improving channel redundancy and saving more available channel spectrum resources. In this concert, six cameras are used to film, but only 2~3 channels are needed to achieve six-channel video transmission.

3. The most important thing about live streaming is that the video signal always remains stable. In the Harbin Concert Hall, WiFi coverage, wireless audio equipment, high-power audio, and many smartphones are all potential sources of interference to the signal’s wireless transmission, so the video transmission’s anti-interference performance requirements are more demanding.
The CVW BeamLink Series products have combined 4×4 MIMO and Beamforming technologies. It has so many advantages over standard wireless video transmission in transmission distance and image bit rate. Beamforming technology makes the wireless signal beam more directional during information, which allows the wireless signal to be transmitted over longer distances, with more vital anti-interference ability and thus more stable.

02  Multi-channel video transmission solution – BeamLink Series

After considering the above factors, the team adopted our multi-channel video transmission solution: BeamLink-Quad + BeamLink-Duo.
① According to the concert hall environment, six cameras were deployed in multiple directions in the concert hall (BeamLink-Duo with two cameras, BeamLink-Quad with four cameras). In this way, they had covered the entire concert hall to the maximum extent within the filming range. Each camera connects one transmitter, transmitter transmit the video signal. The camera position can be flexibly adjusted according to the needs. It is very convenient and quick.

② The two receivers are deployed next to the switch console to receive the transmitter’s video signal. And then, the received video signal is transmitted to the switch console via SDI/HDMI cable. The switch console processes and pushes the video stream to achieve online live streaming. During the live streaming time, the video signal always keeps clear, stable, and smooth.

03  Live moments

With its excellent stability, BeamLink series products once again ensure multi-camera live streaming in large and complex scenes, providing a full range of fantastic live assistance for the concert. One and a half hours after the start of the live broadcast reached 1.78 million online total viewers. This live streaming concert is filled with the confidence and strength of art. The infectious music inspired everyone in the audience and inspired us to fight the pandemic together in a spirit of solidarity. Now let’s take a look at some of the live footage!