Brief description:

– Based on face recognition and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement detection, it is equipped with

binocular real-time security, real-time output of identify results, voice prompts and other functions.

– CVW spares no effort to develop this product to overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic.

– It can be used in schools, communities, airports, hotels, hospitals and other public places where people gather.

Product characteristics:

(1) Adopts high-precision infrared non-contact temperature detector, can automatically detect body temperature, accurate and efficient;

(2) Temperature measurement range: 30-45 (℃), Accuracy can reach ± 0.3

(3) Real-time output of identify results and voice prompts;

(4) Auto identify people without masks and give real-time warning;

(5) Auto register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information;

(6) Dual sensor with living detect, face recognition distance 0.3-3M;

(7) Face recognition within 500ms; Face library 22400 person; Total can storage 100,000 recognize record;

(8) Rich interface protocols, supporting SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux;

(9) Supports machine vision optical dynamics ≥80dB, suitable for backlight environment monitor;

(10) Supports fog, 3D noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stabilization, and has multiple white balance modes;

(11) Linux operate system, more stable;

(12) Supports wall mounting, gate hanger mounting, and pole hanger mounting in various scenarios.