About CVW – Wireless HD Video Transmitter Manufacturer and Supplier

Since establishment in 2010, CVW has invested heavily in developing and manufacturing state of the art wireless video systems for multiple applications and markets such as professional video production, medical, UAV, education and other.

As the professional wireless video transmission solution provider, CVW has developed its unique & leading-edge intellectual property, scores of patents have been filed and approved in the various wireless video-audio technologies segments such as high robustness, long range, ultra-low latency, low-power systems.

CVW will insist on technological innovation and product creation, and will endeavour to provide to our cilents with the optimal product quality and service.

CVW Culture

Use technology to serve the public Persistent: united, enterprising,
pragmatic, innovative People-oriented, in the pursuit of both material and spiritual harvests. Create and enjoy the future together!

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