CVW Development Process

  • 2009

2009.12.01 Signed a strategic alliance agreement with an Israeli company and was the first in the country to join the WHDI Standards Alliance.

  • 2011

2011.10.12 Awarded the Innovation Achievement Award of the First National Digital Design Competition in China

2011.07.26 Partnership with Accel Telecom, Israel, to become the world’s first manufacturer of zero latency wireless video transmission products for Israel Telecom

2011.04.31 Started working with Lenovo

2011.04.25 Awarded an external cooperation project between the State Ministry of Science and Technology and the Israeli company AMION

2011.04.10 The world’s first wireless video transmission device to support iPhone HD

  • 2013

2013.11 Awarded the third prize of “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” by Shenzhen Science, Technology and Innovation Commission

2013.10.11 National High-Tech Enterprise Certificate

2013.4.27 Recognized as a software company by the Shenzhen Economic, Trade and Information Commission

  • 2015

2015-9-1 Finalist in the 7th Annual Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition!

2015-3-9 Tong Ying, General Manager of CVW, was selected as “Innovative Entrepreneurial Talent” by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China

  • 2010

2010.03.01 The company selected a number of engineers to attend technical training in Israeli companies

2010.11.15 3D Project Developed (Wireless transmission of 3D images)

  • 2012

2012.04.12 Received the “2012 Top 10 Fashion Consumer Electronics” award from the China Electronics Society.

  • 2014

2014.11 Winner of Shenzhen Bao’an First Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition

2014-8-18 Participation in Photokina 2014 Booth No.: Hall 5, F003

  • 2016

Awarded the third Qianhai FengYun list “Top Ten Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise Award”

  • 2017

2017.4.24-27 Attend NABSHOW Las Vegas 2017

2017.3.21-23 Attend CABSAT Dubai 2017