CVW Supported CCTV “China Today – Hainan” Program Live Streaming

Jun 7, 2021 | 未分类

From 10:00 to 12:00 on June 4, “China Today – Hainan”, co-produced by Hainan General Radio and Television Station of China Central Radio and Television, Sansha TV and Haikou Radio and Television, was live streaming together on CCTV13, a CCTV news channel. Through the reporter’s live report, it introduced the history of Hainan from the revolutionary armed struggle in Qiongya to the construction of Yangpu Port, a free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

Difficulties faced by the shooting in Yangpu Port

1. Yangpu Port is a large area, with many ships, containers, vessels and cranes in the port, and there are baffles and other obscurants, so the environment is complicated. The traditional fixed wired shooting is difficult and cannot meet the needs of this live stream.

2. Live streaming in Yangpu port requires multi-camera shooting placement, and the ordinary wireless video transmission cannot support to do it.

3. The number of ships in the port is relatively large, requiring multi-dimensional filming of ships, containers, vessels, cranes and hosts, and requiring mobile tracking and shooting by cameramen.

In order to solve the aboved difficulties, the CCTV filming team chose to use a CVW’s Thunder X2 kit to match with mobile cameras to achieve multi-camera, long-distance live stream of water activities.

The deployed solution is as below:

1. A total of 5-camera locations were deployed: 2 mobile cameras were placed on the ship to shoot the scenery near the host and the ship respectively; 2 fixed camera shooting locations were placed near the OB truck to shoot the tower crane and the ship respectively; 1 UAV shot the panoramic view.

2. 2 mobile cameras are connected to the Thunder X2 transmitters, which transmit the video signal wirelessly to the Thunder X2 receiver. The Thunder X2 receiver is connected to the switch console via SDI line.

3. Backstage workers edit and push the network stream from the received video signal by the RTSP mode at the switch console to realize real-time livestream.



During the whole live streaming process of Yangpu Port construction, the video signal always maintained a high-definition and stable effect. After the live streaming, the program team gave high praise to the stable performance of CVW Thunder X2 kit.

Struggle for a hundred years road, set sail for a new journey, and CVW also sincerely wishes, Hainan free trade port ecological civilization construction to a new level!