CVW Demonstrate Zero-Latency Video Transmission Hot Item – PRO200 At 2018 NAB Show

May 30, 2020 | 新闻

On April 9th -12th, the 2018 NAB SHOW was held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Las Vegas, USA. As a platform showing the trend of global media and entertainment industry, NAB Show has attracted a large number of well-known enterprises in The industry with its strong appeal and influence to exhibit their latest technologies, products and solutions, and jointly create a feast of hardware and software for the media and entertainment industry.

CVW demonstrated several types of hot products of wireless video transmission. In addition to the BeamLink-Quad long distance wireless HD transmission system, new media broadcasting station, etc., there was also an extraordinarily eye-catching video transmission product – Pro200 making a demonstrating At this show.

As the earliest enterprise engaged in the development of professional-level wireless video transmission technology and solutions in China , CVW has a deeper technical foundation and more profound understanding of market and user demands than its counterparts in developing high-definition, zero-latency and long -distance video transmission products. Pro200 fully considers the balance between product performance and user demands, covering the vast majority of demands for small and medium-scale film and television video transmission and professional live broadcasting.

Highlight 1: Exceptional performance, moderate distance – 200 meters of visual range, image with no compression and zero latency, support for full time code (TimeCode) and synchronous recording triggering (Start/Stop Trigger). PRO200 integrates codec chip and provides large-bandwidth wireless transmission through channel and source joint coding. It does not compress the image, so that the transmission delay is reduced to close to 0 while maintaining high quality image quality, which can meet the professional level film and television shooting needs. The transmitter of PRP200 features 2 antennas and the receiver 5 antennas to enhance the receiver gain and ensure stability in 200-meter wireless transmission. 200m has already covered the video transmission distance of a large portion of the small-scale film and television shooting and professional live broadcasting. Pro200 also supports full time code (TimeCode) and synchronous recording triggering (Start/Stop Trigger), which can fully meet the user’s demand for professional video transmission, and become a necessary weapon for small and medium-scale film and television shooting and professional live broadcasting.

Highlight 2: Excellent anti-interference capability

Interference is a common challenge faced by wireless video transmission. Especially in some indoor scenarios with dense people flow and dense wireless devices, there are a large number of interference sources. Even if the frequency point is changed, there is still a case where the video transmission performance is degraded. With enhanced anti-interference performance, the PRO200 system can calmly face various strong interference environments without fear! By switching the receiver from normal mode to enhanced anti-interference mode, the stability of entire video transmission can be greatly improved, ensuring that the system can still maintain reliable and professional wireless video transmission quality in the scenarios with large number of interference sources.

Highlight 3 : Lightweight and portable design, first-line installation

PRO200 features an ultra-thin total-aluminum body design, combined with robust and lightweight construction; the system body comes with a NP-F battery slot which allows for quick installation of SONY NP-F battery for direct power supply. In use, it Is only needed to install transmitter on the camera via screw hole or claw clip, and use an HDMI or SDI cable to connect the camera and the transmitter to turn on the camera and start it quickly, with no need to operated wonderful moments.

As development of PRO200, the professional needs for usage scenarios, as well as the actual needs for small and medium-scale production teams and professional live broadcasting were taken into account, meeting the current market trends. As a result, it has attracted the attention And favor of many professionals in the industry at NAB Show.