CVW Debuted in Fifth China (Beijing) International Military Police Equipment and Anti-terrorist Expo2019

May 30, 2020 | 新闻


Exhibition Introduction

On June 18-20, 2019, the Fifth China (Beijing) International Military and Police Anti-terrorism Emergency Equipment Expo will be held at the Beijing · China International Exhibition Center. The exhibition brings together well-known brands and advanced solutions in the field of global police and anti-terrorism emergency equipment.CVW will present the latest solutions and application results in the field of ultra-long-distance wireless transmission and large-bandwidth multi-channel wireless transmission in this exhibition.


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CVW will present the latest solutions in the field of ultra-long-distance, beyond-visual-range, and high-bandwidth video transmission.The application areas of the solutions cover industrial-grade UAVs, special robots, border defense and coastal defense, energy, channels, public security and fire protection industries. The wireless transmission distance can be up to 50 kilometers.

◆Solution demonstration of wireless face recognition and edge computing server

CVW and OPEN AI LAB jointly released the industry’s first multi-channel wireless face recognition and edge computing solution. This solution supports multi-channel monitoring video wireless remote transmission, real-time face capture and recognition, and mobile and efficient deployment, which meets the needs of large-scale, mobile and real-time face recognition in densely populated areas.

Note: Initiated and found by ARM China, OPEN AI LAB brings together the pioneering forces of AI application industrialization, constructs an embedded AI computing ecosystem, accelerates AI industrial application deployment and application scenario boundary expansion.

◆TDD ultra-long-distance wireless transmission solution

Ultra-long-distance and beyond-visual-range two-way transmission

Transmission distance can reach 10~50 km

Excellent resistance to multi-channel and anti-jamming

Meet the needs of wireless video and data transmission in industrial-grade UAVs, special robots, border defense and coastal defense, energy, channelsand other industries

◆Super Wi-Fi wireless transmission solution

Large-bandwidth and remote transmission capability

Support for standard 802.11n/ac

Meet the needs of multi-channel security, monitoring and other large-broadband data transmission applications

◆DRM emergency communication solution

Based on advanced COFDM modulation and demodulation technology, it supports ultra-long-distance wireless narrow-band data transmission in the frequency range of 3-30MHz, such as text, picture, voice, video, etc. It has excellent ultra-long-distance and beyond-visual-range transmission capability. The transmission distance can reach hundreds to thousands of kilometers, meeting the emergency communication needs of cities, remote areas, oceans, and other scenes.


Exhibition Address

Welcome new and old friends to visit and exchange!

Address: Beijing ? China International Exhibition Center (No. 60,East 4th Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)